Blog Stats Software Reviews – MyBlogLog

In this post in our statistics package reviews we will be looking at MyBlogLog. The name might not be familiar but you might well have seen the little “most popular link” tooltips. Let’s see if there is more to the software than that.

Right up front you can see that this service is focused just on links. This is not really a problem but it does mean that MyBlogLog needs to be used in addition to rather than instead of other stats systems.


Signing up is very easy and the whole approach is very straightforward and simple. It couldn’t really be much easier. You can also configure the colour choices for the link, button to use and if you want a link popularity tooltip or not. My personal choice is not to show them but I know many people find them useful and interesting.


Everything looks nice and jolly. The design seems to be trying for colourful and simple. Not exactly high design but it works and everything is very usable and clear. Anyone would find the system easy enough to use and all the text is plain and readable which is good.

Fees and Service Levels

Free, $3 monthly recurring (PayPal) or $25 for 1 year (credit card or PayPal). An additional advantage for Pro users is they also get realtime stats rather than face a delay. You might well find that the free service is all you need as link clicks is probably useful but not your most vital metric.


As mentioned earlier, this package is all about link clicks. You can see reports based on basic “today”, “this week” time frames and also set your own to and from dates.

Other information is extremely basic, showing “readers” and page views, plus some basic referrer information. You can ignore your own IP address in the stats and according to the FAQ they are looking into tracking adsense clicks which would be very useful.


There is nothing here of much use really other than the link info but it would be so easy for them to add more. Not a big deal though, you just have to keep in mind this is all about links. Is it worth paying for? I would say no, pay for a good stats program and use this for the free information, yes. Having said that, what are they going to do when all the other systems include link clicks? It is very good at the one thing it does though, have to hand that to them.