Blog Hijacking

I was speaking with Tris earier this evening, and he drew my attention to a nasty little case of blog hijacking involving Blogger, and Gmail. According to his post about the hijacking, its been about 24hrs since the distraught blogger put in a help request to get Google to help her get her blog back, but still no help.

Come on Google, you should know better than this. When the shit hits the fan, someone needs to hustle before things get out of hand.

See Tris’ post for the full scary details, and if you have Blogger and Gmail account, start taking some steps to protect yourself from similar problems. Changing your password immediately would be a good first step, and reading Chris’ post on personal information would make an excellent 2nd step.

3 thoughts on “Blog Hijacking

  1. Hi. My blog is hijacked and I have not been able to get google or blogger to respond. I have changed my password, but how do I get the squatter off my site?

    Thanks! — Margaraet

  2. Unfortunately as well as a ludicrously high share price, Google are also well known for lack of customer service. I hope it all gets resolved soon for your friend.

  3. Nick, thank you for taking the time to post about this. I really like to raise the profile of blog hijacking and how hosts will deal with it.

    And yes, changing passwords is is great start. When I need a really secure password I go here:


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