Blog Browser Shares: Firefox 71% – Opera 2%

I see Opera 9 was released out of beta today and I wondered if it’s as I think, all Firefox all the time with bloggers or if any of you out there are die hard Opera fans?

Back before FF became so popular Opera was the choice of many serious web designers, and had a whole lotta love going for it among the web savvy, but for a long time now I’ve been a fan only of fheir mobile browsers (which i use on my 770).

I find it hard to see how or why they would compete with the mighty Mozilla these days, and with our own metrics showing around 71% for combined FF versions it seems they’re not.

On Performancing, Opera has around 2% share.

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11 thoughts on “Blog Browser Shares: Firefox 71% – Opera 2%

  1. Ok, a few on my tipping point:

    – Can’t see my blogger template as in IE or Opera
    – the whole downloading interface is time consuming

    That’s it

  2. Im pretty sure Digg is based on Drupal, just as Performanicng and TW are, i’ve heard the Opera complaint a few times and never managed to resolve it, glad it works better now!

    I’d like to start releasing more general stats from the aggregate data from Metrics, but we’re tied up building the ad network at present. When we get a little time though, we’ll try to compile some interesting stats…

  3. AdrianLee, you explained that perfectly.

    I’ve been using v9 since it first came out in Beta, it’s much better than 8.x.

    I’ve been using Opera for years and some of the posters are right, it has had some issues with sites, and still does, but for 99.9% everything works perfectly with v9, and for that remaining percent I use IE (usually online banking).

    BTW, if anyone looks at the stats for here, yeah I am on IE…that’s my work unfortunately, all Microsoft.

  4. As an extra note, Nick, I used to have certain problems commenting here, and at TW. When I hit post comment, the page wouldn’t refresh. If I manually refreshed it, all was fine,a dn more comment had been posted.

    That seems to have been resolved with Opera 9 😀
    (The same thing used to happen on Digg, so I’ll go check it out there too)

  5. I’m a big Opera fan, have been for a while, even paid for it back at version 7 I think it was

    9 Seems to have improved on ‘site compatibility’ a fair bit. And the mail client rocks IMHO.

    What I liek about Opera over Firefox, is that it’s faster, I prefer the tabs (which were in Opera long before Firefox), I prefer the mouse gestures by a long way (again, in Opera well before Firefox), and I love the way I can have a toolbar showing how lnog it took to display a webpage, how much it downloaded, and how fast. It doesn’t seem to use as much memory as Firefox, and if I need to reinstall it, or install it on a new machine, I don’t need to remember 101 extensions to download and install, as well as worry about extensions breaking when a new version of the browser comes out.
    DOes seem to be that combinations of extensions can degrade performance as well….

    Will be interesting to see what happens to the market share when Opera is out in the wild of the Nintendo DS and when the Wii launches with it. Browsing habits will likely be quite different from a console as opposed to a PC, but still, there will be a lot of people using the Wii, and they will be tied into using Opera if they want to browse on it….

  6. It stopped working properly with GMail for about 2 months (persuaded me to start using POP to access it, though!) and also wouldn’t work with Blogger, and still hangs posting to some forums (including this one) waiting for the correct ACK back from the server, or whatever.

    9.0 is just out, but still to give it a spin. I nearly dropped it last year due to the problems above, but I’d tried Firefox a couple of times and it just felt too heavy, so I had no alternative but to stick it out.

  7. I found that it did not support AJAX very well at all. I don’t know if that is still the case in the new version.

  8. Opera has a lot of features that Firefox is missing (built in Bittorrent for one). But Firefox is far more expandable and open source. There’s just something nice about knowing that you can download the source code to the software you are using.

  9. I’ll be one of those Opera users. It did it all well before Firefox, and I still find far faster and easier to use.

    It really annoys me that the Internet community shouts about Firefox, promotes it against IE and builds apps galore for it and Opera goes unnoticed.

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