Best Coverage Of Hurricane Ike

Twitter is great because sometimes, you come across some real cool gems in the form of links that people have shared. This one is no exception. It’s called Over the past half hour, I’ve been following the progress of Hurricane IKE thanks to live coverage from a number of local media stations that have all been grouped together on one page. Each stream is muted upon page load. To hear a stream, simply unmute the stream and turn the volume up.

So far, my favorite streams include the SevereStudios storm chase team with their live reports from their storm spotters/chasers. However, the local media outlets are doing an excellent job covering the hurricane as it makes landfall.

2 thoughts on “Best Coverage Of Hurricane Ike

  1. Yep, I came across the link on Twitter. I also viewed a live police chase in Los Angeles which was raw and uncut via one of the streams. Pretty cool stuff!

  2. Nice post, short and well written. LiveNewsCameras is a great site. I normally visit this site, here you can find almost all the local media stations together on one page. and will love to know their views and news. Thanks for the lovely post.

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