Be an expert, write for Performancing!

I have a deal for you. As you may have noticed, Performancing is rebooting. And part of the reboot involves you.

Ok. So what’s the deal? Right?

Well, we want you to be an expert, and we’re offering free front page links if you’re willing to give it a shot;-)

Performancing is looking for members with expertise to step up to the plate and write articles in the following areas:

  • Blogging
  • Monetization
  • Promotion
  • Management (hosting, legal issues)
  • Design (including WP themes and plugins)
  • Blog NetWorks
  • Blogging Jobs (and hiring)
  • Blog Buying & Selling (including blog valuations)

Do you have what it takes? I think you do.

Start by submitting posts to your Performancing blog and establish yourself as a Performancing expert. Not only will Performancing position you as a knowledgeable expert in front of a hugely influential audience, but you’ll also get a free backlink from each front page article. That’s a great deal.

To get started, go ahead and commit to writing just one expert article. See how it goes.

Not only will you be helping the Performancing community, but you just might be opening up doors that you didn’t know existed.

9 thoughts on “Be an expert, write for Performancing!

  1. Of course. Your article will only be promoted to the front page if it is good, useful or at least provocative;-)

  2. However, the link should be earned. On some PR7 sites that I’ve guested at, you only earn a backlink if you article exceeds 600 words. It’s up to Ryan, but I suggest at least 400 words, and not just some summary of someone else’s article.

  3. Great way to get user created content on to the site by giving away free back links.

  4. CSS, PHP, .NET, SQL, MYSQL. You name it I can do it.

    I’m new to blogging, and online traffic / lead generation. I would happily trade development services for mentoring on the above topics.

    Steve Warshaw

  5. For those of you wondering whether to do this or not, do it. I’ve been a member since Nov 2005 and ALL of my contract work is as a result of being a member here. Get writing and get noticed.

  6. Backlinks, as far as I know, are “Yes, Follow!!!” – but you can check on that by looking at source.

  7. yaph, yes “design” can be anything from navigational layout, to logo design, to hierarchy, etc.

    And “yes” we are definitely interested in other systems besides WordPress. Whatever you have knowledge of…we want to find out.

  8. Wow, no time wasted there! I’m gonna drop Ahmed an email with a few ideas this evening and maybe we can get to writing some top quality words!

    I’d encourage any member who’s got solid blogging experience to start contributing posts. Performancing has a great legacy of helping bloggers with sound advice and fantastic ideas. The backlink (presumably nofollowed?) is an extra bonus that you can use to promote your blogs and build pagerank.

  9. Two short questions about the area “Design”. Does this also include Web development and are you also interested in articles about other systems than wordpress?

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