Back That Thing Up: Have A Secondary Internet Access

Your blogging clients may or may not have a mission-critical posting schedule, but if they do, consider what you have to do to not let them down. As I learned the hard way recently, having a second or third way to access the Internet is often a necessity.

My blogging activities are back into the 12-16 hours/day territory again because of new projects. But while writing an article may take me only 15-30 minutes, it’s all the research and the hyperlinking that increases total overall time spent per blog post. So I surf the net a lot, scanning and mentally filtering over 800 web feeds (some weeks) and countless articles, as part of my regular weekly research.

Recently, my regular Internet access was down for a few days. My alumni account at the local university had run out, as well. Fortunately, my father offered me use of his broadband access for a couple of days, or I would definitely have been letting down a big client.

So when posting articles daily is mission-critical to a client, make sure that you have back-up online access.

5 thoughts on “Back That Thing Up: Have A Secondary Internet Access

  1. Well, you might just be able to write off as an expense, provided you don’t abuse it. You never know

  2. When my access goes out (which is very rare), I use it as an excuse to go to a nice hotel for the night and use the net there

  3. Crazy, but have as many failsafe options as possible. Costly but necessary. Factor into your business expenses and you can actually write it off as a legitimate cost of business in most countries. Just keep all your receipts – which is very hard with so much being done online.

  4. Don’t stick the finger into that wound. I am lucky as I own a Laptop and have a couple of WiFi hotspots and Internet Caf├ęs in my area but it would still be a worst case situation not to have Internet 7/24.

    To-Do: contact neighbors for ‘in case’ access …

  5. A second internet connection is an absolute must, my connection has been atrocious since British Telecom “upgraded” it and particularly today it has dropped, kicked me off MSN, and all sorts of bad behaviour. Luckily I have my trusty PDA with GPRS!

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