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Sometime back, former Performancing editor James Mowery published started a feature called the Weekly Buzz, which highlighted discussions on our members-only Performancing Hive forum (and what was previously Performancing Fuzz). Most, if not all, our Hive members are accomplished pros in blogging and other online businesses. And with this, we get to shoot questions and ideas back and forth, and in the process we learn more and more, and we get help on how to execute these ideas better.

While we would like everyone to learn a thing or two or three from these wonderful folks, we know not everyone is ready to subscribe to a premium service. And so, I’m happy to tell you about a new regular feature we will have on Performancing called Ask Performancing.

How does it work?

Each week, I will pick a couple of reader questions–whether sent in by email, posted on comment threads, or on the community forum–and post these on the Hive for discussion by the members. These would include questions on how to enhance blogging productivity, how to improve earnings, and other such topics that everyone would benefit from. And then once a week–during Wednesdays–I will be posting a brief summary of the discussion, which I hope would be helpful to both the submitter of the question and every other reader.

Of course I would not necessarily post the entirety of a discussion, as that would dilute the value of a Performancing Hive membership (which only costs $10 per month, by the way). But rather I will highlight an adequate sampling of the discussion, such that it would be helpful, but at the same time, generate some interest in what the Hive has to offer.

Ask away!

And so, let’s open the floor to questions for this week’s Ask Performancing. I’ll pick a few good ones by this weekend, post it on the Hive, and publish my first summary this Wednesday, November 19th.

6 thoughts on “Ask Performancing

  1. This will be good. It will help me to see what is being discussed to help me decide if I want to break the bank and pay the membership fee. I’m Looking forward to this.

  2. Now that I have nearly 100 RSS/email subscribers, I would like to post the feedburner counter right on my blog. I’ve tried to do that, but can’t get it to register anything but 0. I’ve checked the feedburner forums to troubleshoot, and understand this might be a more general problem as others have this problem.

    Any suggestions of what to run through to figure out why it’s not working?

  3. Sounds like a great idea J. I hope people take us up on this offer and ask millions of questions.

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