Are You Blogging Through The Holidays?

The holidays are here, and most of us folks will most likely be taking some time off of blogging to spend a few precious moments with friends and family, whichever religion you belong to. For those of us who don’t necessarily observe the holidays out of faith, but out of some secular reason, then you would most probably be vacationing, too. Not in the holiday mood yet? Oh don’t be such a grinch. Go have some fun, or spend time with your loved ones.

But then what happens to your blogs during those times when you take a break?

You blog through the holidays. I’ll be on break these next couple of days, but I will most probably still be publishing a few blog posts in my free time, or while on the road visiting relatives. That’s the power of mobile computing, anyway. I can either use my mobile phone or my netbook (coupled with a 3G modem) to do this. Why? Because I can!

You have posts saved in advance, and to be published at pre-defined dates. A handful of people I know have the habit of future-posting, so they can take a few days off from their blogs without their readership missing them. Some would clearly tell readers that the posts were done in advance, in case some new developments in the online world override the information in that blog post. Some would not be as transparent.

Your blog takes a break, too. This might be frowned upon by folks who believe in consistent and regular updates. But for those of us who are very much concerned about quality and thoughtfulness of posts would rather not post at all, if these are to be done in a hurry while huddled over a miniaturized laptop with a slow, unreliable Internet connection, while waiting to board your plane/train/bus. Good blogging should be done with good timing, too, right?

Which of these three are you?

6 thoughts on “Are You Blogging Through The Holidays?

  1. I noted that the web/blog traffic fell off by more than 75% during the holidays. So although I continued to write and update, my visitors were not present/reading. So, next holiday, I think I’ll follow your lead and take a few days off.


  2. I don’t have any posts set to be published automatically, but I do plan to post over holidays as well. I do not see any reason not to continue with my regular schedule. The thing is if many bloggers stop posting because it is Christmas, then it is a smart move to do posting/promotion as it might be easier to get your message through without too much competition.


  3. I write posts in advance so I have a stock for holiday time. I know I have readers who check my blog all the time and taking a break would not be nice to them.

    I will also post if I have something I feel is interesting to my readers….but they are guaranteed my Monday/Wednesday/Friday regular schedule.

  4. I’m a bit of the first and the second. I do have future posts, however, this is a normal for my blog.

    As for the holidays, I’ll just continue blogging at normal pace.

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