Announcing the News WordPress Theme from Performancing

I’m proud to announce the latest WordPress theme from Performancing, the News Theme.

The theme intends to mimic the look and feel of a print magazine or newspaper, with paper-like upper and lower edges, which is quite suitable for blogs that want to put forth a newspaper-y type of image (aided by the display of the current date on the masthead).

The color scheme uses subtle shades of grey and blue, with the sidebar standing out with orange tints.

It’s a return to the traditional 2-column format with the header able to pack in plenty of links and information while looking clean and professional. The background color in the sidebar panels is a nice touch, although for the blog I’ve got planned for this theme, that’s the first thing I’d change.

The sidebar is wide enough to accommodate graphic ads or text links, and the 3-column footer gives it a very nice balance.

The News Theme also fits almost all the criteria I set out in the ‘what makes a WP Theme great’ post last month, and overall I’m thrilled to have this theme come out, and I’ll be launching a new site using this theme soon which I’ll announce here in this thread.

Hope you guys like the theme – let me know what you think about it and how (if) you think it can be improved.

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Disclaimer: My website,, sponsors the News Theme.

7 thoughts on “Announcing the News WordPress Theme from Performancing

  1. Ryan,

    I’ve got a site or two coming up based on this theme as well, I’ll put them up here too

    And I love the micro-niche aspect of – nice going.

  2. When I look at the example blog template in IE7 the Title runs down over the Home and about buttons.

    Something probably needs a little touch up with the theme, or bloggers can only use a Text title that is very short with this theme.

    In general, I like the look of the template in Firefox. I have to say I’m not crazy about the peach colored sidebar though. If I ran with this theme, I’d probably change the sidebar background color right away.

  3. You’ve switched themes, so I can’t say for sure what was wrong (your current theme is still a bit messed in IE, I’d recommend reducing the content area width or increasing the base container width to fix it).

    I tested the News theme in IE 6 and it works fine.

  4. Beautiful theme dude. I love it. I just bought 4 different newsy/journal domains that I plan to use it on.

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