Adding Forums To Your Blogs

I’ve been thinking about adding forums to a couple of my more successful blogs. The thought is that while blogs allow for commenting, they aren’t ideal for reader-generated content.

My worries about introducing forums are:

1. Too much moderation work
2. I’ve had too much experience with forums that get overridden with spam
3. Unlike with choosing a blog software, I don’t know the killer app for forums

So let me ask you the following questions:

1. What forum software do you recommend for both its ease of use and its rock-solid security?
2. How do you handle moderation?
3. Do you think that discussion forums can compliment a blog and help create a larger regular readership? Or do the blog comments suffice? Is there too much overlap in functionality?
4. Do you think that adding a forum is worth the effort for bloggers? Some of the time? All of the time?

69 thoughts on “Adding Forums To Your Blogs

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    Rather than deleting threads and posts, they get “moved” to the “Saloon”- where it is moderation by community.
    As in- you reap what you sow.

  45. A week ago I started a forum/social network hosted on I’ve got enough of a reader base to possibly build a strong forum. Since it is on the topic of astrology, there’s ample room for users to talk about zodiac compatibility issues that I have not touched on in my blog, and hopefully if there is enough participation, I can monetize it. Unfortunately, ning requires you to pay $20 to use your own Google ads.

    I promote the forum after each post if possible, e.g., “discuss Taurus-Gemini compatibility in the forum.” Sometimes I fear that readers won’t know when it is appropriate to just comment on my post rather than go to the forum, and frankly, I haven’t figured that out myself. I don’t want to discourage blog comments in favor of the forum.

  46. Ryan – i like the simplicity. I’m about to launch one based on bbPress for one of my blogs, and IMO forums are about conversations, and bbPress is quite focused on the basics, so for me its’ good.

    depends on what you ‘need’ the forum for – if you’re going for bling you might want to go for vbbulletin.

  47. bbPress if you’ve got a WP blog

    Ahmed, I’ve heard that bbPress is still too immature as a forum platform. Have you heard likewise?

  48. Made the mistake of going with SMF back in the early days, and the forum is too long in the tooth to migrate it. No problems with spam, because you send second-level verification email. Most spammers don’t bother going any further.

    The user-generated content thing is a great idea in principle, but what totally sucks is that they’re completely ignorant of any kind of SEO – titles, names and anything identifiable are generally ignored in favour of conversational writing. It drives me nuts, because you have these great conversations going on that no-one will ever find because they’re missing any kind of identifiable keywords!!!.

    We’ve only recently started using moderators, but it really does help. Not so viable on a new forum, because you haven’t got trust built up with the members, but maybe a few friends helping out would be useful.

  49. 1. What forum software do you recommend for both its ease of use and its rock-solid security?

    bbPress if you’ve got a WP blog, vbBulletin or vanilla otherwise.

    2. How do you handle moderation?

    Get readers to pitch in.

    3. Do you think that discussion forums can compliment a blog and help create a larger regular readership? Or do the blog comments suffice? Is there too much overlap in functionality?

    Forums allow you to scale back on the blogging and focus on doing quality posts – one a day or one every other day.

    4. Do you think that adding a forum is worth the effort for bloggers? Some of the time? All of the time?

    If your blog can help kick start it, then yes. Forums always help, simply because people are used to forums more than they are used to blogs (and even contribution-based blogs like Drupal and, in some cases, WP, aren’t as intuitive as forums).

  50. I spent on $500 on a songwriting blog and found I just didn’t have the time. The PR also dropped from 4 to 2, so I couldn’t even monetize with Text Link Ads like I’d planned. (This might have been due to the DreamHost fiasco where they blocked Googlebot from access sites hosted on their servers, but maybe not.) I also had to turn on confirmation for signups because the forum was getting spammed with pr0n, and there were kids on the forum.

    Anyway, there are three days left on the hosting and I’m salvaging the owned vBulletin and the domain name, hopefully to sell them off. But I will never buy another forum. The amount effort required to boost it to a profitable level requires someone younger than me and moderators in strategic time zones.

    Anyone want to buy a domain? Free vBulletin owned license thrown in. (Support ends shortly, though.)

  51. For me, in terms of easy of use and security, and extensibility through the thriving community plugins, is Vanilla (

    It’s blog-like in its approach and is a thing of sheer beauty!

    I like the configurable sidebar elements such as ‘browsing history’, keeps a tab on discussions you’re viewing.

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