Add Subheadings to Your Blog Posts with the SubHeading WordPress Plugin

Is the title box always too small for your blog posts?  Do you find yourself wishing you could add more details or catchy copy to your blog post titles?  Are you tired of adding header tags to the subheadings you create for your blog posts?  Or perhaps you just want subheadings that appear directly beneath the title of your live blog posts rather than at the top of the body copy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then the SubHeading WordPress plugin is for you!

I tried this plugin for the first time recently, and I love it.  It’s useful for clarifying a catchy blog post title or adding some keywords for an SEO boost.  You can see it in action on a live blog post below:

And here it is on a blog home page:

Looks good, don’t you think?

The SubHeading plugin is available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory (just search by “subheading” or by the plugin author’s name from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin installation page or download the SubHeading plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Once installed, you can follow the SubHeading plugin installation instructions and configure the settings so subheadings are allowed on posts and pages, display in your blog’s RSS feed, and more, as shown below in the SubHeadings Settings configuration page:

Once the plugin is installed and configured, a new area appears in your blog post editor where you can enter a subheading for that post beneath the title box, as shown below:

It’s that easy!  What do you think?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Add Subheadings to Your Blog Posts with the SubHeading WordPress Plugin

  1. Hello,

    I think the subheading really will add more catch phrases to my blog’s titles. I’ve seen this on big blog but have only found out now that there is a plugin for it. I’m quite happy and will try it in my site soon.

  2. I love writing blog post titles. Now I will get to write two for each post. I am never going to leave my computer at this rate. Thank you for a plugin I had not even thought to look for.

  3. @Brian | i-Blogger Even I also wants to move out from blogger.I have heard that there will be a fall in your blog traffic but if you have good PR then definitely it will work.Can we import all of our blogs post and comments from blogger to wordpress ?

  4. This is really something that needs to be in the WordPress core, but until then this plugin fills the gap. I have not heard anyone talk about whether this impacts SERP listings, though. Does the subtitle get displayed? Does it cut into the amount of the snippet that is displayed? Those would be good things to know, before deploying this.

  5. I always queries about how this thing works as I have seen it in some of very famous blogs of my niche.Your post has helped me to know it thanks a lot but unfortunately I am a blogspot blogger.Do we have any such widget or hack for blogspot blogs?

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I think this will work great to boost my SEO for my blog. Will look into this in more detail and see if it will work for me.



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