A Tale of Two blogs: You get what you put into it

I recently decided to invest some of the advertising revenue from my blogs to create two new blogs. One, owned by me but written by a legal expert, is about DWI/DUI laws and news. The other, maintained by Yours Truly, is about Celebrity Role Models.

The First Blog: DWI Penalty
The The Second Blog: Celebrity Role Model

The Celebrity Role Model blog began a week ago. As a celebrity blogger I’ve noticed all of the most popular posts center around stars who forget to wear underwear or do idiotic things like crashing into palm trees or trying to kill themselves. I wondered why we always reward bad behavior and ignore the people who do good stuff – or at least don’t screw up daily. I decided to start a blog centered on the people who use their power for good instead of evil, something I wouldn’t mind my nieces reading.

For this the promotion was a heavier. Though I don’t put as much effort into it as I do my other celebrity blog, I did more than just the usual signature links by submitting certain posts to Lipstick, Smoochr or Digg and by linking to other blogs. The results are amazing. In less than a week I have over 300 visitors, 700 page views, BUT absolutely no revenue. I didn’t expect to earn anything right away, so I’m not upset over the lack of coin. Mind you there are less than a dozen posts there at the moment. I expected more traffic than the DWI blog, but not in the first week. I’m quite pleased with the results.

No Two Blogs are Alike

I find it an interesting contrast. One blog is slowly becoming a success, while the other is racing out of the gate. If there’s any proof to the theory that your blogs are what you put into it, this is it.

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