A Bloggers Worst Enemy

The other day, I performed a live poll on Twitter asking my followers what they thought a bloggers worst enemy would be? But before I publish their responses, I’ll tell you what I think a bloggers worst enemy is. Carpel tunnel. The reason being in order to blog, you need to type. If you can’t type, you can’t blog. If you can’t blog, you can’t make money. Therefor, I think this crippling syndrome is a bloggers worst enemy. Lets see what other people had to say.

Now I leave the question up to you and we’ll take your answers in the comments. What is a bloggers worst enemy?

9 thoughts on “A Bloggers Worst Enemy

  1. Another blogger’s downfall is the feet ridder. I mean feed reader 😉 if you have as many subscriptions as I do – 160 – then you’ll know what it feels like. As soon as you get to the bottom of the list, the subscriptions at the top of the list has new updates!

  2. I agree with everything above. In fact, I think I suffer from everything that’s already been said, except for the design issues. Once I get it how I like it, I don’t touch it.

  3. I think bloggers worst enemy is laziness. I found very difficult to keep the spirit of writing and maintaining my blog. To keep my persistance…Or maybe this is the worst enemy in most kind of business.

  4. @John Kolbert: Good answer. You pretty much summed up what my about page used to describe on my personal blog. Part time work with full time potential.

    @Ian Stewart: Ughh, don’t I know it. Once I get a design I like and that I have spent money on or 20 hours rehashing, I discover I don’t like it anymore and want something new. What a pain in the rear.

    @Rob White: Ok, I can get with you on that point. No creativity, no posts, no nothing in fact.

    @flickster: I struggle with this from time to time. What happens is, I don’t post or write anything for awhile and it becomes worst and worst the longer I don’t. Getting back into the writing groove proves difficult and has at times, been my own worst enemy.

  5. Procrastination imho. Or not enough time to get all the thoughts down on paper. Not sure I really count as a blogger since I don’t earn money from the site(s) but this is what I find most troubling.

  6. Writer’s Block is what I think is a blogger’s worst enemy. If you can’t get the creative juices flowing, then you can’t blog about anything. But, it’s like your carpal tunnel idea, if you can’t blog, you can’t make any money.

  7. Site design. Either it stinks to begin with or you spend too much time worrying about whether or not it does stink or you’re spending too much time redesigning it.

  8. For me, the biggest problem is that it’s a full time love squished into a part time role. So it always seems like it’s getting pushed further and further behind other projects: school, work, family, yadda yadda. I’ve always got a few ideas for posts rolling around, but never have the time to write them!

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