5 Solid Reasons You Should Never Quit Blogging

Blogging has become the most popular and Never Give Up Blogging
easiest form of expression online which has also helped many to achieve financial success for themselves and their families. Although we all have various reasons for blogging, a vast majority is driven solely by the idea of making millions online and living the internet lifestyle in the shortest time possible.

Unfortunately, the get rich quick mindset is like a house built on sand and easily gets washed away in disappointment when the reality hits that its going to take some really hard work. At this point, one may experience blogger burnout or just feel like giving up but I say, don’t give up, reassess your strategies, redefine your goals and look at all that can be gained through this fulfilling endeavor.

Whatever your reasons may be for quitting, here are 5 solid reasons for sticking to it and never give up on your blog.

Low Overhead, Profitable Business

A professional blog is the easiest and most cost-effective business you could ever start since all you need to think about spending on initially is hosting and maybe a premium blog theme. Your online business can be launched with as little as $90 and the earnings are unlimited as long as you provide a useful solution. If you have a business idea or already provide a service, find a way to incorporate it into a blog and use it to spearhead your online marketing activities. Remember, your audience and prospective reach will now be global, think of the possibilities.

Builds & Strengthens Your Personal Brand

Whether you are a professional or a student leaving school looking for a job, you need to build and maintain your brand. In fact, your brand is you and this is what you sell when you try to land that dream job or convince that prospect to make a purchase. Growing a reputable blog reflects greatly on who you are and if you market it and make your ideas known, growth in your popularity and reputation will lead to an unlimited number of opportunities online and off.

Vast Opportunities To Earn

While you may be disappointed by the get rich quick idea, the blogosphere is always growing and legitimate opportunities for earning are abundant. They key is to develop the right strategy and mindset. Create a plan that outlines your short, medium and long-term goals for your blog and how you can offer information and services of great value to your audience. Trust me when I say that your audience will pay if you consistently deliver the value, just ensure that it is reasonably priced. There are lots of unique ways to earn money through your blog, you just need to try.

Your Life Will Never Be The Same

The purpose of your life is to live it to your fullest and as humans we grow each time we excel at tasks that were deemed difficult or impossible. If your blogging success seems impossible or beyond your reach, think again. Most of the highest paid bloggers started from nothing, zero knowledge, zero money and zero reputation and all they did was just to never give up.

Overcome the doubts by taking small steps in blogging daily or weekly and you will soon realize that it is a natural part of what you do and your drive to achieve will be insatiable. Your thirst for accomplishment and greatness will overflow into all areas of your professional life and it will never be the same again.

There Is Nothing To Lose

That’s right, there is nothing to lose and when you think about it, making a presentation in front of your boss or board of directors or even in front of a conference audience is 100 times more nerve-wracking than putting yourself out there through your blog. The risk is moderately low as long as you pay attention and adhere to simple standards while you work to make your mark.


Your blog is an asset that appreciates like a piece of property in a prime location. Focus on continuously learning and building your blog and it is guaranteed to pay off.

13 thoughts on “5 Solid Reasons You Should Never Quit Blogging

  1. Often people quit their blogging just before reaching the tipping point of their blogs success. I made a promise to myself that I would write 100 posts before I quit blogging and by then the results from it meant I didnt quit after all.

  2. If you’ve got a vision and you enjoy blogging then there is certainly no reason to stop. You’re not really losing anything, and if you keep at it long enough and play your cards right, you are bound to see results.

  3. I wonder how people make blogs so perfectly which results to a very appealing and popular blogs to the public. I really wanna know how to make great blogs but I guess I do not have the guts and talent. I think writing blogs requires an inborn talent and a perseverance. As for me, I don\’t have the effort to write something. I have problems on making my blogs perfect. I am scared. It might contain grammatical errors or wrong sentence structure.

  4. blogging is difficult because you have to put some value on it . But if you love doing it then it just a piece of cake. You can do it anytime and anywhere and you can even earn big profits.

  5. That is why the most important advice to anybody thinking of starting a blog is to only blog about something that you love. There are always going to be ups and downs and times that you feel your blog isn’t going anywhere, but if you love what you are writing about, you will be happy to keep on going. And the love and interest in your topic comes through in your writing and does help lead to success.

  6. I stopped blogging because I grew to hate the topic I chose to write about. I abandoned that blog but not before it gave me a lot of business opportunities and ways to earn money. It was nice while I still loved it, but now that I abhor it there really isn’t anything to make me want to go back to that blog. Not even the money.

  7. It’s something you can work on for enjoyment in your freetime and eventually make some money on in the future once you get it established. It’s the best, especially for those with busy schedules.

  8. Blogging is very popular but at the same time is very difficult. To tell the truth, I am about to give up and to quit blogging. I do not have big results and success in it, sometimes it seems to me that I just waist time. But at the same time your article tells me about other things. To tell the truth, it is very impressive. After reading your article I think that I should think over everything once more. You have almost persuaded me to continue straggling!

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