4 Tips to Help Manage Multiple Blogs

Because I maintain 10 blogs for myself and others, I’m often asked how I manage. Honestly, it’s not difficult. I just schedule my time and plan ahead. If you’re struggling with the multi-tasking, these tips might help.

1. Get Yourself an Offline Blog Editor

My blog editor of choice is Windows Live Writer. I’ve also heard good things about Blog Desk. Offline editors are a must for blogging multi-taskers. What I especially appreciate is being able to switch blogs using a drop down menu, rather than changing WP dashboards each time. Plus you don’t have to be connected to post. Simply blog and schedule your post for whenever.

2. Get Yourself an Editorial Calendar

We talked about editorial calendars before. In fact, more bloggers are seeing the benefits of planning their posts well into the future. Some prefer a spreadsheet while others use Outtlook. My editorial calendar is a giant calendar hanging on my office bulletin board. I like to see everything right in front of my face. My calendar is at a glance and I can just look up from what I’m doing to see what’s next. Choose the method you’re most comfortable with.

3. Plan Ahead

The key to handling multiple blogs is to plan ahead. I use the aforementioned editorial calendar to plan topics a week ahead of time. Many times I choose topics by analyzing trends through my stats and comments. I also check out Google trends to see what’s going on. Are there holidays or events happening? What are the big stories in the news? What keywords and phrases are my visitors using? After taking some time to think about what I’ll be posting, I list my ideas on the editorial calendar.

4. Write Ahead

I like to spend some weekend time writing ahead for some of my blogs. This past Sunday, I entered in 9 posts for one blog and now I don’t have to worry about positing until next week. Of course, I could still add interesting news bits or links as the week passes, but it’s one less thing to worry about. I know I can’t spend the weekend writing ahead for all of my blogs, but if I can do it for one or two it makes all the difference is the world.

Maintaining several blogs at once isn’t always easy to manage. Planning ahead and taking advantage of some nifty tools can make the job a little easier.

What do you do to make life easier when maintaining multiple blogs?

11 thoughts on “4 Tips to Help Manage Multiple Blogs

  1. Its is true…a blogger could create many articles in advance so that he would not run out of posts.

    What i like about the article is that i am reminded of having a calender of topics to be discussed in my blog so that i could easily write articles ahead…

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I’ve been using an offline editor for years and I love it. Makes it easier to do work when I’m out and about and don’t have Internet access. You’re amazing. I’m only doing 2 blogs right now and sometimes get overwhelmed. My kids don’t help either.

  3. I blog on MT, but would love to use an offline editor for my Mac. Any suggestions?

  4. Thanks for reminding me about Windows Live Writer. I keep forgetting to download it and try it out. I’ve heard great things about it.

  5. If RSS feeds are your most used inspiration I can recommend the Java RSS reader BlogBridge. With a basic subscription plan license you can blog to one blog. With a more advanced version you can blog to multiple blogs. Very good for spontaneous blogging.

    Search on performancing.com for BlogBridge.

    Blogging directly from Firefox is available through the ScribeFire add-on.

  6. Is there any good offline Blog Editors for Linux?
    I’d love to use it.
    Why Linux?
    I blog about Linux.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. I would have to say that what frustrates me the most is trying to keep up with all the blogs I have. I tend to get myself slightly overwhelmed and then it takes me a couple of days to get back on track.

    Having an offline editor may just be the ticket to smoother sailing. Thanks for the post and the links.

  8. Thanks for the valuable ‘editorial calendar’ backlink 🙂

    Using an external blog editor is esp. helpful when you go into ‘draft mode’ and create outlines for articles to come/finalize.

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