4 Ways to Write Several Blog Posts at Once

We already know that list posts and bullet points are two techniques that resonate well with blog readers.

But that’s not why I choose to embrace the style.

I lean on these two writing techniques frequently because they allow me, as a writer, to work on multiple articles at once – and that’s a productivity score!

Here are several ways you can write several blog posts concurrently.

If you get stuck on a post, start writing another post. The key is to not stop. Give each blog a fresh page or document, that way, when it’s time to start writing it again, it’s clear where you left off. Start a log of incomplete blog posts. (I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started a post, forgotten I did, and ended up rewriting it!)

One thought on “4 Ways to Write Several Blog Posts at Once

  1. You may list down the point and sub headline which will help you stop breakdown at the middle of posting.
    You may use some video or picture together with our blog so you may have more thing to talk with it.
    You need to keep it alive.

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