10 Android Apps for Web Hosting Geeks

Whether you fancy web design, application development, server administration, or just managing your blogs, you are a web hosting geek. If you were not, you would not be reading this. Fortunately, if you happen to have a phone running the Android mobile operating system, we have found ten Android apps, in no particular order, to make designing, development, and server management a bit easier.

1. AndFTP (free)

Contrary to some reports, FTP is not dead. This little app will give you just what you need to upload or download files from your server. AndFTP supports all major protocols, including SFTP, SCP, and FTPS for secure file transfers.

2. Magic Color Picker (free)

Because choosing just the right color can mean the difference between failure and getting paid, every web designer needs an app like this. Magic Color Picker uses both palette and slider selection and supports RGB, HSV, HSL, and YUV color models.

3. HTML and CSS Cheat Sheet ($0.99 Each)

These are actually two separate apps, but they both serve similar functions: to help you remember various HTML and CSS tags on the go. They include tags, attributes, events, colors, symbols, and more. No need to lug around a reference book or hit the web every time you can’t remember an HTML tag. These cheat sheets make it easy. Other available cheat sheets are: Google, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, RegEx, and MySQL.

4. SilverEdit (free)

Tired of sitting at your desk, but still have code to fix? SilverEdit is a mobile text editor that frees you from the confines of your cubicle. With it you can edit HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, and TXT documents. It features syntax highlighting and support for multiple languages. With this app, you can take your code with you, save it to your SD card, and transfer it when you are back in the office.

5. Server Density (requires monthly subscription)

A system administrator’s job is never done. With Server Density, you can keep track of your server’s load average, memory usage, running processes, and more. It also offers alert notifications and sophisticated metrics for analysis.

6. Network Ping (free)

For the most basic of server tests, Network Ping gets the job done. Just as if you typed it directly from the command line, this little free app gives you live ping results from the address of your choice.

7. ConnectBot (free)

From the super geeky department comes ConnectBot, a fully functional Secure Shell (SSH) client. If you really need to SSH into your server from the booth of a restaurant when you should really be paying attention to your date, this is the app for you. It supports simultaneous sessions and tunneling.

8. bMonitor Server Monitor (free)

The sever geeks at dedicated hosting server company 34SP.com insist monitoring your server is not something you should only do during work hours. This server monitor keeps track of basic services on the websites you specify. If your web server goes down, this app will let you know. It comes with a stop button to cease monitoring at any time, something those with limited data plans should consider using.

9. Google Analytics for Android (free)

Because there’s no such thing as too much data, Google Analytics on your Android will let you examine every aspect of your website’s traffic. This is a must-have app for those trying to monetize their websites.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express for Android (free)

What photo couldn’t use a little touch up? Now you can take Photoshop Express on the road and put the last minute finishing touches on the photos for that presentation or the banner for your new website. Crop, rotate, adjust colors, add effects, flip, resize, and upload individually or in batches.

It is now easier than ever to keep your server running, your website selling, and your code shining with the right apps on your smartphone. There are many other Android apps in the marketplace that you may find helpful for web design, server management, and other hosting needs. Take a quick browse, and share what you find.

Guest Bio: Tavis J. Hampton is a librarian and writer with a decade of experience in information technology, web hosting, and Linux system administration. His freelance services include writing, editing, tech training, and information architecture.