Why Email Marketing Presides In The Online Marketing World

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We all are well aware about the importance, dos- don’ts and basic etiquettes associated with email marketing. But one question that intrigued and amazed me was why this marketing option enjoys the monopoly in the social marketing world. True, it has the ability and scope to reach out and engage maximum customers but so does the other online marketing tools. Then where does the difference lie? To discuss it and compare it with other marketing tools, here are few points that deserve consideration:

  • The bridging of online-offline gap: – With the industry spending multi millions of dollars annually on the print Medias, TV and online advertisements, the question remains unanswered. Who might have seen those advertisements? While the print advertisements succeeds in keeping the newspaper alive but the probability of audience viewing it and making a decision is always unknown. But with the emails, you are always aware when a customer opens the mail and if he clicked on the link provided or not. This clarity lets you know about the interested market and where your target audiences lie.
  • Budget friendly: – While the print media and the online advertisements consist of the maximum share in the annual expenditure of a firm, the results are unexpected and unknown. But what does sending an email costs? With the proper structured format and customer friendly options, the chances of the customer being interested in your advertised email are more and at the same time you are aware whether the customer read the email you sent or not.
  • Personalized advertisements: – While the advertisements on the print media and online world are kept generalized based on the target audience, the emails can be sent to the individual customers based on the retrieval of the information he browsed in past and providing him with the similar options. The top ten firms who are claimed to have used the email marketing to the best of its abilities, have disclosed that they send the emails to the customers in a structured format that makes the email appear personal and sent solely for the customer’s benefit and help.
  • Subscriptions: – When a customer usually browse through your website and makes a purchase, you generally provide him/her with an option to subscribe to your latest newsletter edition. With this, while you provide the customers with the latest information about the product similar to what he bought, you also get an opportunity to include and advertise your latest products.
  • Combined advertisements: – Sometimes in email marketing, the companies providing the complementary products promote together. For e.g. an online clothes store can advertised its product with the company providing the shipping services or storage & Distribution services. These kinds of promotions do not just cut down and divides the advertising cost but also increase the chances of more customer reception.



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