15 thoughts on “What’s your ideal blogging situation?

  1. Kathryn: I think you have the right of it. I know you have a lot of freelancing experience, and mixing freelance web content with regular freelance writing might be a good way to go.

  2. I haven’t yet figured out the magic touch for making money with my own blogs. I do love to write, so I don’t think I would ever give that up. I’m supplementing my dream and passion by writing for other people – but I’m continually pushing to earn more and learn more.

  3. Shane: Interesting viewpoint. I know that older Performancing members, when I joined in Dec 2005, were a mix: bloggers, probloggers (affiliate or otherwise), publishers. I’m not so sure now. I do know that a number of blogging newbies have joined, but whether they’re active here or not, I’m not sure.

  4. I would have thought that most people who read Performancing are people who love to write and want to see if they can bootstrap their way into writing for a living. I imagine being a publisher would greatly reduce the amount of time you could spend writing as you were too busy running a business instead.

    Just a thought.

  5. Surprised that there are so few publisher votes. How can you beat making all the money and having someone else do all the work? 😀

  6. Brian: Well then you’re really not blogging, are you? Or maybe I don’t follow.

  7. How about “making money online by setting up a website that brings you money continuously without having to do much work (blogging) at all”

  8. Gerry: Try to apply “do unto others”. If you were an advertiser, would you want people courtesy clicking? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, a lot. Just saying that you should only click if genuinely interested.

  9. I’m just tired of the daily grind. Whatever keeps me amused and lets me write for a living about things that interest me, which is why I chose the “any mix of…” option.

    It’ll probably be a long time before I get close to that as it’s hard to try and develop a voice, skills, attitude and reputation while still grinding away chained to the corporate desk.

  10. Aaron has it right. The things that can be done by others for less than a cup of coffee here is amazing. I am working toward this. Do you think it is OK to give a courtesy click on the ads if you like the post?

  11. ah good point – being a publisher. hasn’t worked yet for me, but you need to build up traffic before going that route. I’ll see if I can add it.

  12. I am following a plan I have followed twice before based on the book The E-Myth.

    My goal is not to be a blogger, my goal is to have little or no work required of me so I can do other things. As such I am now creating systems and procedures for others to follow so I can eventually hand off responsibility to them.

    Part of that is to have some people who work as apprentices to learn how to run the business then share in the profits of their work.

    I have done this with two previous online businesses and have cashed out nicely. I expect to do the same here.

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