What is your Twitter network profile?

In any social network setup, an individual’s contacts would most likely fall under these categories:

  1. An existing (real-world) friend or business contact
  2. A new friend or business contact found through the social network
  3. A celebrity

Granted, that with #3, a lot of celebrities on Twitter get their millions of followers not just because of the interactivity, but mostly because a lot of us starstruck fans are just so interested in what goes on with the lives of the A-listers.

And so this brings me to ask. What’s the proportion of these people on your followed list?

Starting out, you most probably follow only people you know. Someone from class, work, or a friend might have invited you through email to join and to add his profile. And so it begins–your network gains in number. But then you read @replies or @mentions citing other people, and you add them. Or you get notifications that @someone has started following you and you follow back. And then you find out that @bigcelebrity is twittering, and so you follow his tweets.

How many of these people actually comprise your “followed” pie? By my estimates, my own friend list probably has the following:

  1. 60% people I knew in the first place, whether online or offline
  2. 30% people I’ve met through Twitter
  3. 10% celebrities

Of course, this is just a rough guesstimate, but I like to think of my Twittering activities in these proportions. A bulk for personal interaction with people I know (friend, family, colleague, pet), almost the same level for interacting with potential clients, business contacts, and generally people who might not really know me, but whom I find interesting (I’m a reclusive introvert after all). And the small starstruck part in my tries to check out what celebs (Internet, film, TV) are up to.

What does your friend “pie” look like?

12 thoughts on “What is your Twitter network profile?

  1. Twitter now is very popular more and more people are crazy to have it..and it can help in your business and also driving traffic in site..

  2. Ditto.

    My ratio looks like this:
    90% people I don’t know
    9% friends and colleagues
    1% celebrities (I think I have 2)

    Granted, I’m sure I don’t use Twitter to it’s full capacity. It still bewilders me. I actually wouldn’t have joined if someone hadn’t told me it could be good for business. Therefore, it really doesn’t bother me that I don’t know most of the people following me and vice versa as long as I’m getting some exposure.

    Having said that, there are so many people (like me) that are clearly just on there for exposure that it feels kinda sleazy. I am still wondering what the point of it all is.

    Now Facebook on the other hand, is like a game of “This is Your Life” as well as being fun and a good networking tool. At least that’s my humble opinion.


  3. 98% I didn’t know before I met them on twitter
    1% “celebrities” leaders in their field, if that is the same thing.
    1% friends and coworkers

    David Batchelor
    LifePath Unlimited
    Liberty League

  4. 98% I do not know and have never met even casually
    1% “celebrities” which could be journalists
    1% friends and coworkers

    granted I am not a big follower or followed, but networking outside of FB is the best ever. I don’t even want the same friends in Twitter. Different medium for different results. Otherwise we would just be twittering the same BS I see on FB.

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