Using Twitter as an idea streamer

As a web publisher I get a lot of ideas for my sites, and sometimes I don’t take time to write them all down. So I’ve created a twitter account just for my sites. It’s call an Idea Streaming Account. It’s an organic place to place ideas that I want to reflect on and let incubate for awhile before I do anything with them. It’s a private place for ideas that I can reflect on and see if they are going to work for me. Some of the advantages of having limits on the length of your ideas include creative sandboxing. Creating limits for your ideas can box you in or it can allow you to have an automatic starting point.

I’ve created an account just for my poetic creations. Each poem starts out with only 140 characters. To me this is like creating a new form of poetry. Short sentence structure poems that are great starting places for future works. It’s a great place to store ideas for when I’m creatively challenged and need a shot of Performance Enhancing Ideas to launch my day of poetic creation.

The cool thing is I can do this with multiple sites, each site having a creative storage bin and an endless flow of ideas that can go on and on until I have no more ideas left to share with myself or other members of the team. I can add as many members of the sites to collaborate with me on the various projects and keep a natural flow of ideas trickling down the brook commonly known as work.

4 thoughts on “Using Twitter as an idea streamer

  1. Yep, its a kind of private tumbler of ideas. Good way to put it too. A tumbler of ideas. I like collecting short post ideas and business ideas for later and twitter makes it easy with all the client apps and what not laying around. It’s a great business application and creative mindset application.

  2. Great idea. It’s sorta what I’m doing. I’ve always needed something like this… Ideas become more concrete when they get written down.

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