Two Important Rules for a Successful Blogging Career

2007 was an amazing ride. Career-wise, it was the best year of my life. In the beginning of that year I resolved to break away from more traditional forms of writing to become a full-time professional blogger and I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. How can I top that in 2008? By following two important rules:

1. There’s Always Room for Improvement

Just because I’m successful doesn’t mean I should stop learning. In fact, when it comes to blogging I don’t feel I’m very knowledgeable at all. Oh sure, I’m pretty good at building a community and writing for a specific group of people, but I’m technically challenged and need to study up more on blog design plus monetization and traffic-building strategies. I think anyone who wants to succeed as a blogger needs to learn to never stop learning. Fortunately for all of us, there are some terrific resources available.

2. Set One Realistic Goal

While I do have a short list of New Year’s resolutions, I also believe it’s important to set one realistic goal each year. Last year my goal was to earn a full time salary as a professional blogger. This year it’s my goal to learn more about the technical aspects of blogging. I’d like to troubleshoot my own issues without having to call in the Calvary for tweaks and fixes.

I’m not perfect. I know I have a lot to learn. For me, the key is not to do it all. If I focus on one goal, while continuing to learn as much as I can about my chosen path, I can continue to be what I consider a success.

What is your one realistic goal for 2008?

3 thoughts on “Two Important Rules for a Successful Blogging Career

  1. I’ve just posted some (5) very ambitious goals for 2008. But I guess the most realistic / achievable would have to be: Be invited, or push for a guest post on at least 1 prominent blog.

    And well done on achieving your 2007 goal.

  2. Happy 2008 – hope its good for all of us. My goal this year is top focus – I always seem to have a million projects going on all over the place – Im going to clarify my goals and focus on one thing at a time

  3. Deb, congrats on reaching your 2007 goal!

    My one goal is to spend most of my time (at least 80%) focusing on just one blog. I’ve tried juggling multiple blogs at the same time and it hasn’t worked for me.

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