The Relaunched Back to the Basics

Last month, Splashpress Media (the parent outfit of Performancing) revealed a re-energized While Performancing is the place to go for your regular dose of professional/advanced blogging tips, Blog-Tutorials takes us back to the basics. Definitely useful for beginners; that’s not to say that veterans won’t pick up new things from the blog!

Here’s an appetizer of some sorts, a quick list of several Blog-Tutorials posts that you might find helpful:

  • Make Yourself Found! (Or, Promote Your Site Web 2.0-Style) — “The idea: step out of your blogging space and find sites that let you link to your blog, posts and all. Consider this a very natural way of optimizing your online presence and socializing around the Web.”
  • Two Design Tactics To Improve Your Blog Income — “What’s the workaround? One way is to use Google’s own image ads beside beside text ads. For instance, you can use Google’s Firefox Ad beside Google text ads as follows…”
  • When Not to Blog, Part 1 & Part 2 — “Breathe first before you write. You might be aiming to be the first to get the story out, but really, what are the chances of that happening if it’s a popular event?…Better to come up with an excellent and complete post. Remember, the excitement over the event will not die down for the next few days and people will still be on the lookout for posts, so you can afford to trade 1-2 hours for a comprehensive article.”
  • Make Your Blog Posts Readable — “The key idea here is to divide your paragraphs and sentences into easily digestible chunks. Second, HTML is your friend: I’ll be mentioning several tags you can put to good use.”
  • Protect Important Folders in your Blog — “Here’s how it works: we should not allow sensitive directories on our blogs to list their contents publicly. We do not want malicious visitors getting any hints on how they can compromise our websites. We should not let search engines list irrelevant folders in their results.”

6 thoughts on “The Relaunched Back to the Basics

  1. I just spent some time on the weekend helping a researcher start a blog. Now I’ll save myself some time by getting them to check out the site and read all the articles.

  2. I wrote an article here many moons ago about the synergy of multi-author blogs. It’s odd, but I know I “feel” different when I write for single-author blogs than multi-author blogs. The latter is more likely to get you comments, even if the site is less popular.

  3. Ryan,

    reminds me of an old post I read here on Perf – co-blogging – finding your blog buddy.

  4. Multi-author creates something that can eliminate the sort of fires I’ve been putting out lately: redundancy.

    Seems like the title for another post here at Perf.

  5. No prob, you’re very much welcome Just wanted to share with the Perf community another excellent site for their blogging needs. I’d like to think of Perf and Blog-Tutorials as complementary to each other.

    I believe the multi-author approach in the new Splashpress blogs is effective — aside from the obvious ‘two heads are better than one’ benefits, the many authors themselves form a small core for the communities of these blogs.

  6. Thanks for the plug, Phillip! I hope that the new blog tutorials proves of use to some people. At Splashpress, we are trying to now break out from this “single author” mode in our blogs. You can see the same formula with, and – & we’ll be adding more and more writers. Obviously, it’s a risk as more financial investment- but it does help in building up a community more quickly.

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