How to Sustain Inspiration in Blogging

Jason Fried from 37signals talks about sustaining inspiration in this speech at around the 19:40 mark. He suggests that inspiration is perishable. He contrasts the lifespan between the actual idea and the inspiration for the idea. The idea lasts forever but the inspiration can go away. He likens inspiration to a perishable good like milk […]

Why Being Self-Centered Can Actually Help Your Blog

Brian Clark from Copyblogger recently released a free report entitled The Lateral Action Guide to Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur. I just finished reading it and like most of Brian’s stuff, it was very good. I was surprised though at one of his recommendations. He advised aspiring entrepreneurs to be self-centered. He pointed to 37signals, a […]

5 More Common Distractions to Bloggers and How To Deal With Them

Last year, James Mowery posted about five common distractions that bloggers face in the course of a writing/blogging workday. James cited TV, games, mobile phones, social networks and even the web as top distractions. There are a host of other things out there that can get your focus out of writing. Here are a few, […]

How to Maintain Focus When Writing

As a blogger and writer, I must admit that there are days when I’m just on a roll. I’m able to achieve significant output. I’m able to manage my time wisely, and I’m generally productive. But then there are also those days when I uselessly stare at the computer screen for hours on end, never […]

Do Your Post Titles Attract Readers?

It’s no secret that great content can make or break your blog. A few solid pillar articles can drive traffic to your blog for months, even years. But one thing that is often overlooked is the title of blog posts. People spend a lot of time putting together a great post, then throw in a […]

How Long Does It Take to Proofread a Blog Post?

Justin recently wrote a post about proofreading tool After the Deadline. True enough, it makes sense to check your draft for misspellings, and mistakes in grammar and punctuation before hitting the publish button. If you’re using web markup, it also makes sense to check the draft for any unclosed or misplaced tags. But aside from […]

What Do You Do When People Turn Your Blog Into a Forum?

Don’t you just love it when your blog ranks #1 on relevant search queries? I do. Of course, the drawback here is that when a blog post becomes sticky in the number one spot, sometimes you tend to get too many visitors who are not too familiar with the format of your site being a […]

What Documents Do You Use as Proof of Income?

On Freelance Switch, Thursday Bram posts about an issue freelancers commonly face: how do you prove your income? This is especially useful if you’re applying for loan financing, for instance, buying a home, a car, or even leasing an apartment. If you work for a company, you can always secure a certificate of employment. Sometimes, […]