Nitrous Theme

The word “Nitrous” has a motorsport connotation to it, given the use of Nitrous Oxide (or N20) in increasing the power output of engines, and hence giving that all-important boost in acceleration and speed in times of need. This is the concept behind the Nitrous Theme for WordPress. Nitrous is a fast-loading theme that gives […]

‘Tis The Season Theme

The holiday season is here! And we at Performancing would like to share in the holiday spirit (whether Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday celebrations we have this time of year) by releasing the ‘Tis the Season theme for WordPress. ‘Tis the Season uses the popular red-and-green color scheme that is very much in tune […]

Redbook Theme

The latest classic Performancing theme for WordPress, Redbook represents balance, structure and symmetry. Created in collaboration with Brian Gardner, Redbook lives up to its name by incorporating what we think to be salient aspects of a physical book with the modern feel of a sophisticated website (hence “red book”). Viewing a blog powered by the […]

Photopress Theme

Images speak louder than words on this one. Performancing’s June Theme release is Photopress, a WordPress theme perfect for Photo blogs. Have you ever wanted to display your pictures in a photoblog without sidebar uglification? Well, that was the motivation behind Photopress; a one column WordPress theme specifically designed for photoblogs. With Photopress you can […]

Modern Paper Theme

We are pleased to announce our second Brian Gardner designed theme ModernPaper For WordPress. As is emblematic of his style, Brian has given us a clean, professional look with ease of customization. The name ModernPaper hints at the fact that this theme is well suited for modern publishing of all kinds and straight out of […]