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Speaking of being a professional blogger and how it’s easier today, this is an informal profile of Daily Blog Tips, which has been running an excellent set of posts. Darren Rowse covered them “tomorrow” in 10+5 requisites for professional bloggers, a review of a post they ran (also covered below).

How to Get .edu and .gov Links

Hoping for some valuable .gov and .edu backlinks for your site? Gather .edu and .gov backlinks gives a fairly easy to follow process for finding suitable sites, how to contact the webmaster, and what you need to have on your end.

5 Tips for Writing Timeless Content

Probably the most important suggestion in 5 tips for writing timeless content is that you should eliminate references to time.

Write Pillar Articles

Pillar articles, aka flagship content, is described as being longer posts of over 750 words, with timeless, original content that attracts links from other bloggers.

Blogging Content Matrix

Wondering if your blog has valuable flagship or viral content? Blogging Content Matrix gives a nice visual on evaluating the general value of your site’s content. This post is my favorite. It doesn’t tell you which niche you should pick but does help you decide whether your content be successful, whether it’s timeless.

10 Requisites for Professional Bloggers

10 requisites for professional bloggers has a more exact template with which to decide whether or not you’re a pro blogger. Recent posts and comments here at Peformancing have covered things like putting in the necessary time and having passion. Other important qualities listed are:

  • expertise on a topic
  • writing skills
  • technical knowledge
  • blogging knowledge
  • web design skills
  • business/ marketing knowledge
  • creativity and innovative ideas
  • a network of contacts.

I agree that having all of these skills are good to have (Ahmed echoed that in a comment, stating that pro blogging should be a complete package). However, I’m not so sure that you need to have to have web design skills to be a pro blogger. I think a network of contacts is far more important, and in that group should be a good web designer. Be like Henry Ford, who had a row of buttons on his desk, each of which buzzed an expert in a particular field.

What do you think? Do you need all of the above skills to be a professional blogger? What do you think is the most important requisite, besides writing skills?

5 thoughts on “Site Profile: Daily Blog Tips

  1. Markus: Welcome back. Acquisition of ads by yourself is immensely difficult for the average person. My own print mag went under because I didn’t have time to sell ads and couldn’t find anyone who could (though a few tried).

  2. Hi Raj, long time not seen 🙂

    What do you think is the most important requisite, besides writing skills?

    If you see yourself as a publisher one of the most important and one of the most annoying tasks is to acquire ads. To get a better income per article it is important to have people who subscribe to your ad space.

    PS: user/1 has changed his name everywhere!? Welcome David.

  3. Daniel,

    excellent site mate, I read everything you write

    Hopefully you can contribute here too, from time to time.

  4. Thanks for the awesome review Raj!

    Actually I just registered an account on and I am really liking the changes that have been implemented lately. I will keep in touch.

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