Search Engine and Social Media Strategies: Feedburner Burns Itself?

Breaking: Feedburner takes away all-time stats.

Breaking: Feedburner restores all-time stats.

Now that Feedburner all-time stats are back, you should go check how your remarkable content (e.g., pillar content, resource bait, traffic bait, linkbait, etc.) is doing. Is your linkbait failing on Digg? That’s a refrain I’ve been hearing from some bloggers lately, especially after Digg’s recent algorithm change. Someone I know had 220 votes on one submission and no home page (last I heard).

What to do you about failing on Digg, possibly because of your domain name being “tainted”? Cameron Olthuis suggests building mini-sites for posting the linkbait to.

But how does building and baiting mini-sites help the domain you’re NOT getting diggs on? Go read Cameron’s article. It’s brief and to the point. And while you’re over at Search Engine Land, check out Debra O. Mastaler’s roundup of link building tools. You’ll need these tools more than ever, thanks to more webmasters avoiding reciprocal links.

Another thing to possibly avoid: targeting a specific search engine. Though that doesn’t mean you should not follow the changes in search engine algorithms.