Search Engine and Social Media Shenanigans: Yahoo! Blocks Other SEs From Spidering

Several SEO websites are reporting that Yahoo-owned has blocked some search engine spiders from accessing certain links on A couple of people tested this theory by trying page accesses using a faked User-Agent value and were denied.

On the flipside, Andy Beard is blocking Googlebot. Specifically, he’s blocking paid reviews posted on his site from being indexed by Google. He apparently feels that Google’s preference for all of us to use “no follow” on any link that has been purchased is not the answer.

Paid reviews are, for some, a supplement to remarkable content. If you’re just starting to build remarkable content, check out these proven headline templates.

Of course, remarkable content should include multimedia such as video. DailyMotion is now offering HD embeds, which you might want to use in a video marketing campaign.

Though no matter how much remarkable content you have, if you don’t join social media sites to help promote, it’s unlikely your site’s profile will increase before blogger’s depression sets in. On the other hand, you might make too many online friends and be overwhelmed with requests for social loving.

2 thoughts on “Search Engine and Social Media Shenanigans: Yahoo! Blocks Other SEs From Spidering

  1. Follow-Up: Encounter the Yahoo! blocking policy

    OK, Yahoo! blocks spider from other search engines. Who cares?

    How-To create your own copy of your bookmarks

    It is as simple as creating a local copy of all your bookmarks stored at Basically you have two pretty easy possibilities: (…)

    Let’s elaborate about the two mentioned possibilities (More…)

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  2. I always recommend to users to send their feed(s) through FeedBurner for promoting and pinging reasons. No feed flare no nothing. Just promotion via ping servers.

    If Yahoo blocks other SEs then FB is a must!
    Reason: FB stores a copy of the feed

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