PR6 WordPress Theme release site for sale

Ryan’s Note: Just a reminder that we have some top notch blogs pass through our blogs for sale section. Keep your eyes peeled.

I am looking to sell a WordPress theme release site. Back in March, Cory Miller and I started as a hub to release free WordPress themes that he and I had developed.

Here are the details of the blog…

– PageRank of 6
– Technorati rank of 111 (this blog could easily crack the top 100 with new theme releases)
– 134 subscribers from feedburner (currently)
– Thousands of backlinks
– 10,000+ unique monthly visitors
– 50,000+ monthly pageviews

Google Rankings
#4 for “free wordpress themes”
#2 for “custom wordpress theme”
#5 for “custom wordpress themes”
#1 for “suckerfish wordpress theme”
#2 for “web 2.0 wordpress theme”

The main source of revenue for this site is the custom WordPress theme requests that come in. This site has consistently earned me $5000 per month in custom requests. However, the site has never been properly monetized. It could also earn hundreds passively if it were monetized well based on the number of unique visitors coming from google.

This is one of the most well known WordPress theme release sites in the community. You’re getting both traffic, and reputation with this purchase.

This purchase would include the domain, the blog database export, and the design. The themes are not included in this sale, however an agreement may be negotiated for the inclusion of individual themes after the sale. If you purchase the themes, we are willing to update all the themes and fix any bugs. We will also stay on for 1 month to handle comment support for the themes (no custom work). We would also be willing to develop themes for release on RockinThemes to generate new traffic (new themes help boost the custom requests). If the new owner wanted to have us release new themes, we would negotiate a price per theme after the sale.

Bidding starts at $5,000. Public bids are preferable. Private bids will be made public (number only) for the sake of the auction process. There is a private reserve price that must be met in order for the sale to take place.

7 thoughts on “PR6 WordPress Theme release site for sale

  1. I am looking for blogs that have high PR thats are selling backlink so I can get some backlinks for my new blog

  2. I haven’t discussed this with my partner yet, but we’d be willing to accept offers for the free themes included on the site as part of the overall auction.

    With 40 free themes available on the site, I’d say a good place to start for the themes themselves would be an extra $200 per theme. BIN (buy it now) for the themes (included in the sale of the site, not a la carte) would be $500 per theme. That would include fixes for reported bugs initially, and 1 month of comment support after the sale.

    The themes themselves (and their corresponding keywords) would be a valuable asset to have with this site. Assets worth paying for, I’m sure.

    When you say “custom themes”, I assume you mean new free themes to be developed. We’d be willing to do new free themes for $250 per theme. We can discuss frequency after the sale. 1 theme per week had worked well for us, as it brought in the most traffic with the best spread.


  3. I mentioned this to some people and they showed interest. What would be the ballpark cost for the themes that you already have? And what would be the cost of custom development of themes (again Ballpark)?

    It might take us a while to get geared up to theme development.

  4. I’ve got quite a few other avenues for doing custom work, and they are keeping me pretty busy. I’d rather focus on that stuff right now.

    And in all honesty, I don’t have to sell it. If I end up keeping it, it will continue to earn me money. Anyone who sells a blog COULD just keep it and continue to earn the money. I, like other blog sellers, want what the blog is worth right now so I can focus on other things. I think everybody wins in this scenario.


  5. Ahmed,
    Why not generate 6 months revenue without doing any work? Especially if you’ve got other projects bringing you high paying gigs.

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