PMetrics WordPress Plugin Wishlist?

I’m scrapping what code I had for the PMetrics WordPress plugin v0.4 (don’t worry, it wasn’t that much progress) and I’m focusing on a complete redesign for an official 1.0 version of the plugin. Before I get further into development, I wanted to ask what features you, the users, would like to see included in the plugin. What I’m planning:

  • Subversion repository to help me better organize changes and development (maybe host at once they get their domain expiration issues sorted out?)
  • A project management page where end users can submit bug reports and request features (Trac, FlySpray, Drupal Project Module, Eventum, Mantis, phpBugTracker, ?)
  • Improving the sidebar widget
    • Displaying your BlogRank
    • Graphs
    • More detailed information (especially on individual post pages)
  • Displaying metrics in your WordPress dashboard
  • RSS tracking for those of you who don’t use Feedburner redirection of your RSS feed
  • Automatic detection/matching of the domain when you set up your Metrics at Performancing and option to redirect to correct domain (with or without ‘www’) so no metrics are missed
  • On install, checks your blog’s template to make sure you don’t already have the Metrics code inserted yourself and that the plugin will be able to insert the code using the wp_footer hook.

Seems pretty good? It’ll take some time, but I’m starting to look for a more office-oriented job rather than the restaurant I’m working at – it tends to drain me out and I don’t get much time to work on outside projects. If you’d like some input or just want to feedback, comment away! Remember, you’re still more than welcome to sign up for the PMetrics announcement mailing list as well.

Please Note: I’m going to be transitioning my website to Drupal soon (hopefully moving a Drupal installation from a subdomain to the main domain won’t be too hard) so there might be some down time. I’m going to have to figure out how to smoothly redirect all the incoming links as best I can.

12 thoughts on “PMetrics WordPress Plugin Wishlist?

  1. What I’d like is a way to get around the automatic insertion of the plugin’s code in my template file.

    As we discussed elsewhere, my theme is not standard and does not have the required hook. And I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation — of the five blogs I operate, only two of them include the tag in the footer.php file. And they’re all using different WordPress themes!

    I’d like to see the ability to manually insert a tag that calls your plugin. It could be an “advanced user only feature” with instructions buried in the docs to discourage newbies.

    Would love to try your plugin! Sounds great.

  2. Joel, weird! Those preview pages are still showing up in your metrics recently? Hmm…can you find what referrers are going to those pages?

    And for the feedbuzzard problem, it’s a little frustrating that registration is disabled on all his blogs so I can’t comment on the post, and there’s no way to contact the author at all. Hopefully he’ll notice the private message on

  3. That’s the strange part. I do have metrics disabled for admin.

    I’ve just checked the source of the preview frame and PMetris is disabled.

    How do links like /?post=XX&preview=true appear in my stats?

    Anyway, i think pmterics should be disabled even if admin account are enabled.

  4. Joel, if you have admin tracking disabled in the PMetrics options, it shouldn’t be tracking the preview pages. You can check the source of that frame if you’d like.

  5. Yeh, i agree cURL is a much better way, but most distros dont compile it into php by default, which is a shame..

  6. Dave, yes i’m referring to the preview pane when writing a post.

    cURL is great and i have it on my servers. But my blog is on a machine i can’t control and it doesn’t have cURL. Thanks for the fsockopen.

  7. Joel, are you referring to the preview pane when you’re writing a post? cURL is great and everyone should have it on their servers, but just in case, I’ve already finished up the fsockopen ‘downgrade’ function for the next version.

    Nick, I’m probably going to keep a subversion repository at – I’d use the Performancing repository for development and then I’d want to mirror that onto my site. I don’t know why and I’m not sure if I wanted to do it yet. Just wondering if it were to be possible.

  8. i’ll report a bug here:

    pages that have $_GET[‘preview’] should be excluded from the stats.

    Other than that, don’t just depend on cURL. Many sites don’t have it installed.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. I’ll have to get cracking on the project module over the weekend Dave, i’ll let you know how it works out and what you/i need ot do.

    Im not sure what you mean by the repositories thing, can you ellaborate?

  10. Hmm, that does seem pretty appropriate. We could probably do that. PM/e-mail/IM me on details about if my account would have to be upgraded to be able to Create Content for projects and tasks…

    Random weird question: is there a way to coordinate two separate Subversion repositories?

  11. >>Subversion repository

    I’d love to set that up here at performancing Dave?

    >>A project management page

    Same as above. We’ve had some issues with the project module, but i think with the recent upgrade we now have them under control..

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