Easy Blog Networking for WordPress Blogs

The BlogNetworking plugin combines two simple but necessary components of any blog network: the ability to automatically create a blogroll in the sidebar and to show the latest headlines from across the blog network.

The plugin uses a central feed of network sites to pull headlines and display them on your site. The easiest way to do this is to use the blogroll opml of any one site in your network ( ideally the network hub (remember to add the RSS feed link for each site in the blogroll).

There’s a lot that can be done with this plugin, and I’d be interested in hearing your suggestions for improving it.

Much thanks to Damian for putting this plugin together (and Chris for the inspiration) – you can catch the installation instructions on his blog here.

Download the BlogNetworking Plugin here.

pMetrics WordPress Plugin

The pMetrics WordPress Plugin allows you to check blog stats directly from your WordPress Dashboard – if you haven’t already, sign up for pMetrics and then download the plugin and set it up on your blog.

The cool thing about the new pMetrics WP Plugin is the fact that it is also a demo for new class of WordPress Plugins using basic building blocks that can easily be used to build blogger-friendly plugins.

The general idea has been that we should move beyond the old-art of software updates (deleting, downloading, unzipping, re-uploading). and move to one-click installs and automated plugin management. The old-art is especially problematic when running dozens or hundreds of blogs.

In a nutshell here’s what the pMetrics plugin offers:

1. Auto-updates (this option can be toggled on and off)
2. One-click installs for added functionality
3. One-click removals (deletes files off the server)
4. Blog stats in your WordPress dashboard
5. Latest searches display
6. pMetrics rank display
7. Auto-installation of pMetrics javascript code

Coming Soon

8. Auto-installation of affiliate banner in sidebar
9. Blog sales page with detailed pMetrics statistics
10. Feedburner integration

and much more…sky’s the limit.

Download the plugin now:

  • Pre-WordPress 2.7 users download here – No Longer Available
  • WordPress 2.7 download here

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