Keep your blog simple and encourage your readers to take action

There’s an interesting post on Digital Inspiration pointing to research that suggests tasks written in easy-to-read fonts are more likely to be completed.

That might seem obvious. I know that anything printed or hand written in a fancy/messy font is likely to give me a headache as I spend more time deciphering than taking action.

This set me wondering whether this concept is something bloggers can apply to their sites.

There have been numerous articles on keeping things clean, uncluttered and easy to read, and on giving the content room to breathe.

It’s little surprise that David Allen’s Getting Things Done web site is uncluttered and easy to read, or that Google keeps its text-based ads nice and simple — even now you get a choice of just three highly legible fonts.

  • Does your blog encourage people to take the action you want, or does it detract?
  • Are you using many fancy images or unusual fonts as a substitute for plain, easily scannable text?
  • Are your comment and email subscription forms easy to find or buried?
  • Is that RSS button prominently placed and of a standard design, or have you stylised it, possibly beyond the point of instant recognition?
  • Is the background plain enough that people can read your content?

Don’t get me wrong, I love innovative visual styling on blogs, and some niches lend themselves to a more exuberant look. Nevertheless, good design encompasses both form and function, and when looks detract from action then you may not be offering your readers the best experience.

8 thoughts on “Keep your blog simple and encourage your readers to take action

  1. I agree with your point…especially about the background that it should be plain enough for people reading your content. Another thing is that you have to make sure that you give good information, not simply words that are thrown together. People who enjoy reading blogs on a regular basis are going to be sure to return if they enjoy what you have written.

  2. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth with some solid suggestions. It’s good to re-focus.
    Personal development is the key to all online success

  3. I know I’ve had a lot of websites that have started this way. But then the list of things you want your website to offer grows. But the space on the screen doesn’t. And so what you end up with after some time is clutter.

  4. The majority of people are simple people. They don’t like to work or think too hard. so keeping your blog simple will make it more appealing to most people. Good post Thanks

  5. One thing that you forgot is “color combination” I have seen many blogger mistakes of using awkward color combination on their blog. This mistakes can drive away readers especially if they’re having hardtime reading your post.

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