Hey Problogger — if You Forget the People, They’ll Find a Way to Remind You

Doctors name the stages of growing up with cute names like “the terrible twos.” As a teacher, I can tell you that developmentally certain ages are, as a group, easier to work with than certain others. Five year olds are gentle givers. Eight year olds are too. Nine year olds are little lawyers. And all bets are off when any age has the letters t-e-e-n in it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, believe it. Adults have similar stages. None of which I ever wish to return to.

Now, not all of us go through all of the stages for the same amount of time. but all of us experience them in some way or fashion and learn the lesson that comes with them. The lesson that I’m thinking of today is that people really don’t count only the system does.

What Could I Learn from Them?

Some bloggers focus only on SEO issues. They spend their lives gaming the system. They play digg and similar sites. They find ways to link to higher page ranks. They monetize their blogs within a an inch of overweighting the entire Internet. When they look at another person, what they see is a series of statistice, that describes whether a relationship with that person is worth the time it takes to say “hello.”

In other words, people in their world aren’t people they are stacks of statistics, flat as baseball cards.

Now that might seem like a way to get to the top of SERPs or higher in Alexa or Techornati, but, “problogger,” Search Engines don’t read your blog and often the traffic they send doesn’t stop long enough that to see who wrote the post.

People understand when we don’t care about them.

What’s more interesting is that they find a way to let us know.

If we’re looking in the wrong direction, people will let us know.

  • First some will start to emai, offering to write something for us. Some will ask whether we are okay. Some will begin to take back faors they’ve asked as our time, our credibility, and our willingness to treat them with respect by telling them what’s going on takes away their generosity of spirit.
  • Whether you make a $1.00 or $1,000,000 doesn’t really matter. If you treat people as “less than,” as one-dimensional creatures who are all the same, we are reducing them to some lowef level of the food chain.
  • People know when they are being treated as less than people. Smiling from strangeers does not make trust or credibility, especially when the issue is open for the world to read in a cathedral in Scotland.
  • Separating people into those who can help us gain value and those who can’t is bad in real life and bad in blogging.
  • What happens is that the people find a way to tell you that. Here are some ways that they choose.
    • They stop reading your blog.
    • They tell other folks about what a slick blogger you are.
    • They remove your links or stop linking to you,
    • They find a way to tell the folks that life without you works for them,
    • They tell all of their friends about the negative experience they had while working with or for you.
    • They post about whttever neative act you might do or they tell your boss.
    • Let’s face it. None of these reactions are particularly pleasant. Perhaps you can think of even more.

      The fact is if you worry only about beating the system, and you ignore the people in it, the people will find a way YEs, you would both know about it and feel that it happened. Hopefully, you’d figured out that the most complexs systems was guilt to serhumans durin hours that personnel didn’t want to work.

      So let’s quite puttung people in those tiny little groups and soon enough you’ll be ready so that you can make an appropriate apology and perhaps even start on building a real rapsody of singin each other’s praises.

      Liz Strauss

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