From Performancing Hive: May Edition

For those of you that haven’t signed up to Performancing Hive, you’ll probably be surprised to see the type of content being published there, and so I wanted to give you a taste of what’s being said, and what topics are on-going.

Windows 7: Good or Bad and how will it effect workflow?
In this thread, I talk about my own early experiences with Windows 7, and we are also talking about how other operating systems compare. I also touch on the worry about Microsoft’s built-in nag software that will reset the computer every two hours once a certain date is past.

Presenting different ads based on nationality
We are talking about geo-targetting ads, and how easy/effective it is for various systems, scripts and tools.

Growth: What’s a Good Amount?
This is a very active thread with a variety of different views regarding the growth of a business, website, blog, revenue and more. A good amount of growth seems to be a heated topic.

These are just some of the topics continuing to be discussed by many blog experts with business details that could make or break your blog, especially if you are looking to turn it into a business or revenue building.

Hive is a great community, and while it has slowed in the last few months, the activity is still going strong and the topics are still more valuable than the membership cost. One of the little used advantages of Hive that I’d love to see people take advantage of is the fact that Hive is a think tank. With experts in nearly every field from design to business, Hive can connect you with the answers, ideas, or people to get your site to that next level.

If you are interested, head on over to and sign up today.