Don’t Forget To Respond To Your Readers

If you currently run a blog, my guess is that you allow comments on your blog posts. If you dont, you should! Not only does it give your readers an easy way to leave feedback, but it also allows you to build a community around your blog.

However, many bloggers forget (or don’t take the time) to respond to the comments people leave. This is not a good way to build your blogs readership. There’s nothing worst from a readers standpoint than leaving a comment, specifically a question, that never gets a response. I’ve personally left a few questions in the past that never got answered, which gave me the impression that the blogger did not want to take the time to respond.

Make It A Habit

So from now on, make it a goal to always respond to your readers. Not only will it build up your blogs comment section, but it will also let your readers know you care. Depending on the amount of comments you get, it may only take a few minutes every day to go in and respond to any open comments.

Once you implement this strategy, you will start to see more readers leaving comments because they are reassured that they will get a response back. Plus it’s a great way to build up the trust from your daily readers.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Respond To Your Readers

  1. Definately a strong point. Many bloggers produced loads of new content, yet dont even have a way to contact them on the website. The best way to get a loyal following is definately by created excellent content and answering questions about that content….

  2. This is a good reminder, Justin. So many bloggers write as if they are trying to start a conversation and you get a clear impression that they move onto their next post without reviewing their comments. Bloggers or journalists?

  3. Another added benefit to allowing comments and responding to them is the SEO bonus. Comments get indexed by Google, and keywords in comments can build up ranking for specific blog posts, or keep a blog post fresh in the eyes of Google.

    You can also expound on items in a blog post, or even provide an update when things change. Use your comments to their full advantage, and you’ll noy only foster your community feel, but increase your SEO and breadth of coverage for your niche.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I agree that responding makes it feel more like a community. Adding in the forum type feel is what makes blogging so much fun. You can put content out to the world, and then let people discuss it right in front of you.

  5. Responding to user comments is an essential part of blog promotion. It also increases the interactivity of the reader to the blog. The main motto of web2.0 is to bring interactivity between website publishers and the users.

    With users responses and comments the semantics of post becomes more clear. And users also feels as a part of that blogging community. It can be said that replying to user-comments can bring the interactivity of a forum in a blog.

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