Do You Get Negative Comments on Your Blog?

The common wisdom online seems to be that if you’re getting critical comments on your blog – even the kind that say “you suck” – then you’re definitely starting to be noticed. Of course, that’s a type of notice most people can do without. (Note that this does not necessarily mean you are not being noticed if you are not getting negative comments.)

Some bloggers moderate comments and remove anything rude or insulting. Others leave all but the most offensive. But if you do leave them up, should you respond to negative comments? Ignore them? If you respond, how should you do so? Chris Garrett offers some great advice on when to answer critics. If you visit, read the comments as well, which provide even more insight and advice. Also check out Deb Ng’s advice on handling negative comments, published here on Perf last year.

So, do you get negative comments on your blog? How have you handled these?

4 thoughts on “Do You Get Negative Comments on Your Blog?

  1. Sometimes the comments are outrageous. On my old blog I just used to ignore them. Reacting them means making it more livid.
    But replying them is still what I prefer.

  2. The easiest way to deal with negative comments is to ignore it. More you react, more the chain reaction.

  3. and to answer the question for me it would depend on the comment. If it is derogatory, unhelpful, or retarded it will more than likely go away. Unfortunately the only blogging experience I have is a photoblog I started as a school project and have kept doing after the class was over, apparently not too many people exactly care about commenting on those kinda things 🙁 lol oh wells

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