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“Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.”

Marc Mathieu, Global SVP of Marketing at Unilever

The most important part of having a business is getting your brand in front of the right people. Once you’ve attracted the attention of potential customers, you’ll have the chance for a new market interested in what you’ve got to offer. To get that notice, you need to have a lot of great content that resonates with the audience you’re targeting.

For most industries, markets are global now—but it still pays to have clients closer to home who engage with your business. Whether you want to reach clients in Singapore or across the globe, content marketing is a crucial. It’s one of the best ways to make and maintain a connection with customers who may not yet know you exist.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about strategic marketing that’s focused on reaching out to an audience that will be interested in your brand, and getting that audience to engage with your business. Successful content marketing isn’t advertising. Advertising is something many people block out or ignore. Content marketing is about creating content that’s interesting and that people want to share with their social groups.

Blog posts, press releases, social media posts, videos, and other types of media about your business can be positioned to attract the interest of consumers. Once your content is associated with positive sources in your field, your brand will be seen as trustworthy and authoritative. As customer confidence in your business grows along with your reach and reputation, you’ll see the effect of your content marketing pay off in increased profits.

For successful content marketing, there are a few different things you need to know. First, who are you selling to? Second, who’s already selling to them and what are they doing right and wrong? Finally, where are the right places to make connections, build relationships, and meet the right people?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the process. We’re able to answer these difficult questions for you and help you develop a plan to get your business positioned to do even greater things.

Why is Content Marketing Needed?

Content marketing is how you get your message out there. It gives you access to an audience of potential customers that you wouldn’t have otherwise. In many cases, it’s your first impression with a person who’s hearing about your brand for the first time. That’s why it’s so important to make sure each piece of content is well-written, relevant, and engaging.

Content marketing builds a positive reputation among your peers and positions you as an authority in your field. It gets the name of your brand into search results, onto industry blogs, and into the news. With the right connections, you can grow to be a powerhouse in your field.

Another benefit of content marketing that’s indispensable is better search engine optimization. As your content with links back to your site appears on more webpages, you’ll see the benefits of a good backlink profile. Your company will rise in Google search results, which means you’ll see more clicks from people searching for terms associated with your brand.

Content marketing is one of the best ways you have to connect with people. It’s an indispensable part of any marketing plan and will benefit you not only in increased customer engagement, but also in better SEO.

What Do We Offer?

Performancing offers services for every aspect of content marketing. It’s not just about content creation—though that’s an essential aspect. It’s about planning, creation and distribution. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a wealth of content ready to go, Performancing can help you hit your goals and increase brand awareness.

Content Strategy

Before you can successfully market content, it’s essential to have a targeted strategy. We sit down and get to know your business, your clientele and what you want to accomplish. Once we have an idea of what we have to work with and what goals we can achieve, we can start working on a plan to make it happen. A good content strategy gives us a plan that helps us get your content on multiple channels and in front of a relevant audience.

Content Creation

We create content designed to engage with customers who are interested in what you have to offer. With experts experienced in every type of content, from blogs to social media posts and press releases, we’re ready to meet all your content creation needs. Good content must be compelling, relevant and relatable. Whether you’re trying to attract customers from your town or across the entire world, we create content that gets your business noticed and leads to increased interaction and profits.

Content Distribution

Once you have a great strategy and content, it’s time to get it in front of the right people. We have relationships with established brands and voices that can help launch your business to the next level. Not only will quality content distribution attract the attention of new clients, it will also help increase your SEO and, in time, make your brand into an authority of its own.

At Performancing, we have a team of experienced bloggers, writers, designers, and other content creators with extensive knowledge of just how to strategize, design and deliver content. We have relationships with many high-ranking industry contacts across the web, enabling us to place your content on established, authoritative pages.

Contact us today to get started.

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