Long-Term Vision Should Trump Reader Feedback

In July 2009, a new blogger entered the same gaming niche as my blog. His blog looked like it had a lot of potential. He posted daily including several 1500+ word posts. He was very active on Twitter. He wrote several guest posts. He scored an interview on a popular blogging blog. With these efforts, […]

Your Product Doesn’t Have to Contain 100% Unique Content

Many bloggers seem to find the task of creating a product daunting. I know I did. I knew creating a product could greatly increase my income, but coming up with content to fill up an ebook, video, membership program, or any other product seemed like an overwhelming project. However, after listening to this interview with […]

The Best Way to Differentiate Your Blog

One of the blogging tips that I hear a lot is be different. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd. This is a great advice for typical businesses and it’s also helpful for probloggers especially with all the competitors on the internet. But how can you apply it practically to your blog? I’ve been thinking […]

A-List Blogs Are Not Good Examples to Follow

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski When I first learned about problogging, I definitely looked up to the A-List blogs. You know, the TechCrunches, the Gizmodos, the TMZs, the Daily Koses, the Mashables. These were the blogs that had made it. They were the most high profile blogs. They had the most traffic. And more traffic meant […]

3 Reasons Bloggers Should Read Books

Reading a book seems very low tech in this current digital age. But don’t underestimate the words on a physical page. While many bloggers do their reading online, you can gain an advantage by shutting off the computer and reading a book offline. Here are three reasons to head over to your local bookstore. 1. […]

How to Stop Being Boring (and Why You Probably Are)

I’m boring and you’re probably boring too. I just listened to this interview with Seth Godin. He gives really good advice about how to successfully run a business. You should definitely listen to the whole thing if you want to make more money with your blog. One of the things Seth said that struck me […]

Why WickedFire is a Great Forum to Learn Online Business and Marketing

Look, if you’re interested in joining a forum where everyone is polite but nobody is making serious money, try WarriorForum or DigitalPoint. Those two, for example, have very strict etiquette rules but only one “minor” problem. Simply put, lots of WarriorForum and DigitalPoint members talk the talk but few of them walk the walk. Do […]

Would You Withhold Information If It Meant Saving a Life?

A lot of bloggers tend to be trigger happy with publishing information. There’s always the desire to be the first to post about breaking news, especially if it’s fresh and yet unpublished by the more mainstream news sources. Bloggers and editors of new media publications take pride in this. But how far will we go […]

From Performancing Hive: May Edition

For those of you that haven’t signed up to Performancing Hive, you’ll probably be surprised to see the type of content being published there, and so I wanted to give you a taste of what’s being said, and what topics are on-going. Windows 7: Good or Bad and how will it effect workflow? In this […]

I’m Dependent on Gmail. Are You?

I’ve been trying to access my Gmail account these past few minutes, to no avail. It turns out I’m not alone. Gmail is, indeed, down. I guess one doesn’t really appreciate something until it’s gone or missing–or in this case, inaccessible. One would’ve thought that with Google being the big company it is now, would […]