WP Comment Remix Takes First Place

WeblogToolsCollection.com has announced the results from their popular WordPress plugin competition and WP Comment Remix has taken first place. So what does first place win? $2000 Production of a professionally recorded song for the winner. Dedicated server for one year from iWeb (Intel Core 2 Duo, HD 160GB Sata2, 1GB of RAM and 1500GB of […]

Interview With Brian Pipa of Teenormous

Brian Pipa of the massively popular blog Candy Addict set out to do something I’ve only dreamed of doing: he’s created an amazing online tool that people will not only love but that will also end up being very profitable. It’s called Teenormous. Here’s a bold prediction: Teenormous will be be a household Internet name […]

Dealing With Those Rowdy Commenters

So, I will be the first to admit that I can garner a temper when someone mindlessly bashes something I write. I could let it all slide, and let things be said about me and my writing, but, then again, I should have the right to defend myself when someone criticizes what I write. Well, […]

The Best Comment – Akismet Configuration

If you run a WordPress powered site, you’ll know first hand how awesome Akismet is. However, it’s not perfect and although it does a great job out of the box, here are a few configuration tips you can use to not only cut down on the spam in the queue, but also aide in moderation […]

Suggestions On When To Turn Off Comments

Ronald Huereca of the Readers Appreciation Project brought up a point in which I haven’t thought about before and that is when to turn off comments. In his post, Ronald mentions that it is probably a good idea to turn off comments when: You’re on vacation You’re done with blogging You’d rather concentrate on writing […]

Tips On How To Create Good Comment Policies

Just a few days ago, I published a poll which asked the question, “Who owns your comments?“. So far, the response with the majority amount of votes is “The Blogger“. Despite all the hoopla involved with the issue of owning comments, I think every blogger should clearly display a commenting policy either near the comment […]

Do You Get Negative Comments on Your Blog?

The common wisdom online seems to be that if you’re getting critical comments on your blog – even the kind that say “you suck” – then you’re definitely starting to be noticed. Of course, that’s a type of notice most people can do without. (Note that this does not necessarily mean you are not being […]

Even When You Are Gone, You Can Still Be There

Many professional bloggers have a broad schedule that they attempt to maintain. It creates interest within your readership, and it also gives your readers a great idea of when to expect new content. This also increases your chances of generating subscribers to your content. However, there are just those times when things do not work […]

11,072 Unread Items In My Feed Reader.

That’s right—I have 11,072 unread items on my feed reader. All of it pretty much equates to me being way behind on my subscriptions. I am either subscribed to too many feeds, engaged in too many other things to bother, uninterested in the feeds which I am subscribed to, or a combination of all three. […]