How to Make Money from Projects You’ll Never Have Time For

Have you ever had one of your ideas ‘stolen’ and used by someone else soon after you shared them in a public setting? If yes, you’ll know the frustration and anger that accompanies such a case. It could have been when you were in school and someone else stood up and took the credit for […]

27 Tips for Building a Kick-Ass Blog

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably have certain blogging ‘habits’ and tips that you swear by. This article is a collection of such tips, designed to help you build a better blog. Warning! You may have read some of these before – heck, all of these will be familiar to you. There’s […]

How Do You Pay Your Bloggers?

A growing trend of consolidation in Blogging and in the online world in general has seen many blogs and bloggers join blog networks in a bid to leverage pooled resources (brand promotion, advertising rates, design / programming / promotion help, etc). Whether you’re starting your own blogging network or just hiring bloggers for your blog, […]

Outsource Your Blogging Chores – for Free

There are two ways that you can outsource the non-essential chores of running your blog (and this includes promoting as well). The obvious way is to hire help – we’ve talked about this in the past here on Performancing and we even have a Blogger Jobs forum dedicated for this purpose. Depending on what tasks […]

Planning a New Blog – Get Started Already!

When planning for a new blog, you might take a few days to think over it, ask a few knowledgeable friends, research the industry, etc etc. The ‘planning’ phase for a new blog can take you time, right? Bollocks. I’m telling you right now that a blog launched based on 5 minutes of brainstorming will […]

The Only SEO Graph That Matters

With all the fuss about the pending August 2007 PageRank Update, I thought I’d try to refocus all the SEOs out there on the only thing that truly matters in SEO: search referral growth. It’s plain and simple. The ultimate goal of SEO should be to increase search referrals. This is often lost on those […]

Three Ways To Engineer Good Content

Most new bloggers just take stabs in the dark. A new blogger knows her topic, and may even have a vague notion of keyword stuffing and pronoun removal. But most new bloggers don’t know how to engineer good content. That’s why I’m writing this article. Because you can’t be a problogger until you know how […]

Optimal Meta Description Tag Code For WordPress

When Andy Hagans says something, I listen. And Andy Hagans (following Aaron Wall) says that META descriptions are back and important, not for keyword stuffing, so much as page differentiation. Did you know that the default for most WordPress themes is to NOT include a META description? While title tags remain, in my view, the […]

Affiliate Marketing Q&A – Part One

When it comes to making money on the Internet, or more specifically with a blog, there are simply so many options out there, it can be a little overwhelming for someone starting out, trying to earn a living through blogging or through creating a website community. One of the highest paying and easiest to use […]

Optimal Title Tag Code For WordPress

HTML title tags are, arguably, the single most important SEO ranking factor. Nailing the title tag could be the most important thing you do all year in your blog’s SEO campaign. Yet the average blogger simply inherits her WordPress theme’s title tag, without shaping it into SEO perfection. In this article I’m giving you the […]