Blog Studio Promo Takes $1000 Off Design Projects

The economy is in a downturn, sure. But that’s no reason to shy away from doing an overhaul of your blog design or upgrading from a stock/free theme to a custom one if the price is right. The Blog Studio (who has done design for our friends over at PopCrunch) is offering a $1,000 discount for any design works commissioned within the month of November.

For the remainder of the month of November 2008, all new design projects will receive an automatic $1000 discount. Please note: this only applies to new design projects with contracts signed by November 30 2008.

With only a few days left until November ends, this is a good opportunity to grab. Quality blog design work usually costs an arm and a leg, so with $1,000 off you get to keep an appendage, which can be used for other projects.

You can check out The Blog Studio’s portfolio for a sampling of their past works. Do get in touch with them if you need to know more.