Capture and get the message across with these web tools

Have you ever reached the uncomfortable, frustrating situation where you and your designer just can’t seem to see eye to eye? A lot of time can be wasted when you have this vision of how you want your site to look but words can’t adequately express what you ultimately mean. Even though I can’t stress […]

Responsive Web, One Web, it’s the Web

Responsive Web Design, like the word “HTML5”, has entered buzzword territory even beyond the web development scene. The advantage, of course, is awareness and appreciation: more people want to know what works best in getting their message out there, not only for the desktop web browser, but also in mobile devices such as tablets, cellphones, […]

8 WordPress blogs you should bookmark

We love using WordPress around these parts, and if you’re not already doing so, we have a feeling you will too. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, make sure you’re reading these resources that get you more acquainted with inner workings of this versatile blogging and content management system. Code Poet If you’ve been […]

Type Connection website

Getting a sense of good typography with these web and iPhone games

Typography is quite the intimidating universe to get into, but even if you’re not a designer it’s worth understanding even just a fraction of its principles. Your end game, after all, is to create a genuine connection with your audience, and at the heart of your campaign, be it a website, banner, or book, is […]