How to Make Your Blog Load Faster

Earlier this year, Google began using site speed, or load time, as a search ranking factor, claiming that “faster sites create happy users.” Since the search engine’s professed goal is to give users what they want, it makes sense that load time would enter into the ranking algorithm. Even if you didn’t care about your […]

WordPress Plugins to Reduce Load-time

As our blogs grow and get more traffic, more “fun” things tend to get added on. We add a sidebar image here, a tracking script there, Adsense on top and below, etc. All these things eventually start becoming too much, and slows down your blog- especially when we start forgetting to delete old and outdated plugins as time goes on.

I don’t have to tell you this, but a slow loading blog makes for a poor user experience – and you do not want to lose those visitors you worked so hard for. Keep in mind that visitors subjected to poor site performance rarely complain – they just leave and don’t come back. Nobody is going to take the trouble to find your contact form and say, “hey buddy- your site is loading slow. I will be back here in 1 week to check to see if it’s fixed.”