20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus

Google Plus’ 100 million users may pale considerably in comparison to Facebook’s 800 million (!) but, as is illustrated by this infographic design by Infographic Labs, there are plenty of reasons to check out what could be the next big thing in social networking. The most compelling reason would be for those who use other […]

How to Navigate the New Google Plus Layout

Google+ is continuing to grow in popularity and companies should take note. This growing social network is becoming closely tied to how Google finds and displays search engines results, so it should be a key part in a company’s SEO and social media strategy. The new Google+ Layout was introduced this week and includes a […]

How Social Media Involvement Can Help Your Company’s SEO Efforts

Both Bing and Google are now using social media activity to help shape and determine search engine results pages (SERPs). This is based off the notion that a user will be more interested in seeing content that their friends and others in their social network have already shared or read versus content that hasn’t been […]