5 Solid Reasons You Should Never Quit Blogging

Blogging has become the most popular and easiest form of expression online which has also helped many to achieve financial success for themselves and their families. Although we all have various reasons for blogging, a vast majority is driven solely by the idea of making millions online and living the internet lifestyle in the shortest […]

The Most Important & Effective Strategy When Business Blogging

Incorporating a blog within any small to large organization’s website can be one of the most important decisions that could be made. Blogs are extremely effective for driving sales, web traffic, building brand awareness and strengthening relationships with customers. However, corporate blogging can be somewhat different from a regular personal blog due to differences in […]

Does Your Business Need a Blog?

There’s a growing segment of bloggers who fall into the “business” category, who blog for the purpose of promoting a business, and you might be or become one of them. Businesses are realizing the value of blogging, especially if they’re hoping to establish an online presence. Does your business need a blog? The short answer […]

How to Encourage People to Read Your Blog Posts

Image by The New Fine Arts Lab via Flickr This is a guest post by Phyllis Zimbler Miller,s co-founder of the social media marketing company www.MillerMosaicLLC.com, where she also writes a blog. All bloggers share one main goal – having as many people as possible read the blog posts. Leaving aside search engine optimization, links […]

How to Get More Blog Comments

Many bloggers are looking to increase the comments on their blog so I thought I’d share my experiences in this area. Number of comments and comments per post are popular stats to look at because they can show how well your blog is doing in developing conversation and community with readers. My stats are not […]

5 Basic and Yet Essential Tips to Get You Started with Blogging

So you were inspired by the self-made successful bloggers that you read daily and you want to start a blogging career? The problem is you don’t know where to start. Here are 5 simple, basic, bare and yet essential tips that will help you get started with your blogging adventure.

5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Niche

We all know how saturated certain blog niches are, especially when you’re talking about technology, entertainment, and sports. Having a lot of competitors though doesn’t mean you can take the following steps to stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest of the field. Focus on Geography Everyone knows about Gizmodo and Engadget, but how […]

7 Quick Blog Post Ideas

If you’re like me, you’ll run in to writers block from time to time. Coming up with a new blog post idea everyday can really be difficult, especially if your blog covers a very specific niche. So here’s a few quick ideas for your next blog post: 1. Build Off An Existing Post One thing […]

Don’t Forget To Respond To Your Readers

If you currently run a blog, my guess is that you allow comments on your blog posts. If you dont, you should! Not only does it give your readers an easy way to leave feedback, but it also allows you to build a community around your blog. However, many bloggers forget (or don’t take the […]

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Timeless

Blogging is immediate, particularly for niches that rely on breaking news realtime. Thus it’s easy to forget that readers will visit your blog and read posts months, years, and even decades after they were written. Here are five ways to keep visitors engaged with your content, and prevent them from bouncing after they scratch their […]