Handling Hate

Chris posted on the dangers of revealing personal info on your blog. I’d like to explore the issue of negativity a bit further: a surefire indicator that you’ve made your mark in the blogosphere is that you receive hate. What is it, why does it happen, what to do about it? What I mean by […]

WordPress 2.0 Anticlimax

As anyone who has seen my WordPress review will know, I think WordPress is pretty darned good. So I was really looking forward to upgrading WordPress 2, especially because of all the hype. I am the sort of person who tries not to read reviews of things I really want. Like with big blockbuster movies […]

WordPress and the Performancing Extension

I’m a bit of tinkerer when it comes to tools like the performancing extension for firefox, so I have no fear of installing software and seeing what happens (I do have backups coming out the wazoo though…);  The only real problem I see with this tool is that (for WordPress, anyway) people won’t believe how easy […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – WordPress

In the last review of this series, Movable Type impressed. In fact it was only the lack of stats and the unhelpful installation process that let it down. In this review I am taking a look at WordPress, let’s see how it measures up. The first thing you notice with WordPress in contrast to Movable […]