Why You Should Backup Your Blog

It would be nice if all bloggers had to worry about was coming up with the next great post.  But in a world of constant security threats, even WordPress blogs need to up backed up once in a while.  And it’s better if you can backup your blog on a daily basis if you are […]

Search Engine History

Nowadays we take the existence of search engines, especially Google (and Bing) as normal and for many among us a life without Google would be hard to imagine. Whether it is because they are not older than 20 yet and have grown up in a world dominated by technology and the internet, or because they […]

Multi-Screen, Multi-Computer Configuration Options for Bloggers

Do you need to run multiple computers and screens, to satisfy the blogging and social media marketing work you do for multiple projects or clients? Configuring such a setup can be a major headache, but it need not be. If you’re in this situation, here are some tips on managing a multi-screen, multi-computer, multi-OS workstation. […]

The Case for Cloud Hosting

My internet connection had been crawling the past few days. I’ve checked with my DSL provider, and my account seems fine. And for some reason, it’s not with all websites that I’m having difficulties. Then I just recently learned that an earthquake has caused faults in undersea cables connecting my region to the rest of […]

Tablet Input: Helpful for Blogging?

I just finished writing a review of the Adesso CyberTablet Z12 on Forever Geek, where I took a look at the tablet, comparing it to other devices in its class, and it made me wonder if a drawing tablet could be useful for blogging. I usually try to stick to only things that I can […]

Review: Using the iPhone OS 3.0 for blogging

A few months ago, just after the upgraded iPhone operating system was announced, I speculated on whether iPhone OS 3.0 would make the iPhone a better blogging platform, basing my article purely on the specifications Apple provided. Now that iPhone 3.0 has arrived, here are my initial thoughts on whether the iPhone is good for […]

Automation: Spend time now to save time in the future

Setting up systems that automatically control certain aspects of your blog can be a great timesaver down the line, even though the initial time (and possibly monetary) investment may be difficult to swallow. The great thing about many self-host blog platforms (WordPress and Movable Type in particular) is that they offer a great range of […]

Akismetting Spam Is Good SEO

Matt Mullenweg recently published a great little article over on the official Akismet blog where he shares three reasons why eliminating spam is good SEO for your site. There are three things you definitely don’t want to encounter when running a blog and that is: Undermineing Your Sites SEO Attracting More Spammers Damaging Your Reputation […]

Google Analytics API Now Available To Developers

Google recently announced that the Google Analytics Data Export API which was in beta is now currently available to all developers. The API provides read-only access to your analytics data. On top of that, any data which is available through the standard analytics interface is available through this API meaning you could create your own […]

All About Google Authority

Chris Garret who has been a long time contributor here to Performancing.com has published a great writeup covering just about all aspects of what it takes to gain authority on Google. In his white paper approach, Chris covers trust, influences, good behaviour, traffic, and much more as all of it relates to your authority on […]