Social Media Marketing: Focus or Scatter?

Most bloggers realize the incredible power of social media marketing to send huge amounts of traffic to their blog in a short period of time. There is no shortage of social media sites available, which can cause some frustration over knowing which ones to use for the best results. With all of the choices, is […]

Social Media for Link Building: Does Just Being on Digg Do the Business?

A while ago people would submit every story they wrote to Digg. Not just to get it voted up, but because “just being on Digg” was apparently good for SEO. I wasn’t always convinced of this but I heard it so much I started to believe there might be something in it. Still, I didn’t […]

How Social Networks Teach Good SEO

When most people think about ‘SEO’, they think of link requests. While that is a basic part of SEO, it’s also insulting to the practice of search marketing. IN comparison, it’s a bit like saying that mathematics is about adding and subtracting numbers, or that playing the guitar is all about strumming a few strings. […]

Congratulations to our friends at b5media!

Breaking radio silence while we rush to get Partners out the door, congratulations to Darren, Jeremy, Duncan and crew for successfully rasing $2M in funding for their growing network! b5 and performancing started at around the same time and have long been friends so it’s really cool to see them making this kind of progress […]

Dirty Laundry

Eeeooow! Please stop now… When emails start getting published on blogs, sides of arguments are skewed in favor of one party or another, readers / viewers start taking sides and the mob starts baying for blood, blogs really show their dark side. And I’m just as bad, because the whole thing facinates me. powered by […]