Do You Keep an Idea Notebook?

One of the things I learned in my short stint in my high school paper (way back) was to keep a small notebook in my pocket for jotting down notes and ideas for writing. The fact that I was also dabbling in creative writing that time helped–I also found this useful in jotting down things […]

Cute Headlines Don’t Work

Steven Hodson of learned a valuable lesson today that is worthy of sharing and that is, cute headlines don’t work. I know I’ve had my days where I come up with what I believe to be an awesome headline only to find out that it turned into a failure. I think the headlines which […]

Do Your Own Thing

How many articles have you read this year on blogging which tell you not to be another spoke in the wheel? I know I’ve read a few and each time I do, I question whether they understand one of the greatest benefits blogging has to offer and that is, the ability to be heard. Now […]

DoFollow Search Engine

The other day while traversing through my blog referral links, I noticed a search query coming from a site that had DoFollow in the domain name. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the site was a DoFollow search engine that allegedly indexes thousands of blog posts from 400 or more blogs. I still feel as […]

The Future of Content Management Is Collaboration

Content management is becoming an increasingly popular part of technological advancement for the internet and for the people who will create, manage, and consume that content. Developers have long been exceeding in this area, but the future demands new collaboration features that have only recently been increasing with popularity. Who Uses This Stuff? Bloggers, designers, […]

What Does Success Mean To You

This post is part of a series of posts called Water Cooler Monday. Every Monday from here on out, I’ll be publishing thoughts and topics of discussion throughout the day. If you have a topic or post idea to discuss around the water cooler, be sure to get in contact with us., One day, as […]

Learning The Hard Way

Over the past few days, I’ve been busy Googling away, trying to figure out all of the various methods of migrating content from a Drupal installation into WordPress. The results are few and far between. I did find a MySQL script here and there to migrate bits and pieces of one version of Drupal to […]

Do Posting Schedules Really Matter

Out of all of the blogs I read concerning tips for blogging, I’ve found at least one tip that is consistent among all of the others, and that is ‘abiding by a post schedule‘. The tip usually goes a little something like this: Create a posting schedule and abide by it so your readers get […]

Why Using Excerpts Is A Good Idea

When a person visits your blog, they can be overwhelmed by the amount of content that is on display. It becomes even worse when you consider the fact that some blogs manage to push out several 500+ word posts on a daily basis. For all that content to end up on your homepage, it can […]