Snake Oil Sellers in the Blogosphere

Just a word of advice: You really, really do not want to go anywhere near stuff like this snake oil seller when you launch a new blog. Trust me on this, there’ll be tears before bedtime…

Using Blogs as a Gateway

I just had an interesting question posed to me via the private msg system here at Performancing. This particular reader wanted to know how to use a blog to drive traffic to her ecommerce sites. It’s a good question, because it allows for so much scope in it’s answer. The question was this: How about […]

The Dao of Your Blog Content

Not all blog topics are created equal. Likewise, different blogs will do better with different types of content. If you’re in it to make money, it’s worth taking a look at what type of content will earn your particular blog the most money–the Dao of Your Blog Content. There are a million different aspects of […]

Measuring Blog Success

When starting a blog it is helpful to have a goal, some clear idea of why you are writing. Once launched you need to have some way of measuring your success towards that goal. I want to talk to you about some ways to think about tracking your success, because at the end of the […]

Jumping the Technorati Top Blogs List

It seems Technorati’s algorithm is not working effectively (read, broken) to rank blogs on their true worth. This post shows how one Blogger leapfrogged their system by mistake. Any algorithm based purely on the number of links pointing at your blog is not going to be very effective and is bound to be gamed – […]

Is Design Killing your Blog?

Every change you make has an impact. Cause and effect. Do you know what affect your changes are making? As we discuss elsewhere at Performancing, even the seemingly trivial changes can have massive impacts on usability, traffic and most off all advertising click throughs. What might look like a work of art to you and […]

Ad Placement on Blogs

Duncan Riley posted on ad sizes and placement over at the Blog Herald. Personally, I think a three column format, with ads (sky) on the left and menu on the right can’t be beat (and of course, put a medium or large rectangle in between the post and the comment box). But Duncan hasn’t done […]

Weblogs Inc Adsense Case Study Posted

The Adsense team have posted a case study of Jason Calanis’ Weblogs Inc. You may recall that WIN was sold to AOL. The study looks at how WIN used channels and link units to take their blogs from $300 a day to $3000 a day. Nice work Jason and the team!